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From the Archives...
select items from our past

Well... It's Happened Again
A year ago we reported that 2013-2014 had been the busiest year in Outing Club history, but now we're happy to announce that 2014-2015 has officially claimed that distinction!
  • We embarked upon 51 trips in 2014-2015, surpassing last year's record of 46, and our earlier records of 45 in 2011-2012, 36 in 2010-2011, and 35 in 2012-2013.
  • Overall, 234 Clarkies joined us on one or more of our outings this year. That's more than 10% of Clark's undergraduate population, and surpasses last year's record of 202. More than 80 of them joined us for multiple trips, resulting in a combined total attendance of 494 for all trips (compared to 467 last year)!
  • Here on campus we were more active than ever this year as well, hosting or co-hosting ten campus events which drew several hundred participants combined, and sponsoring a Clark Relay for Life team which raised nearly $1200 in the fight against cancer.
  • You can see the Outing Club's success for yourself in our 12-year trendlines.
Go team! Thanks to all Outing Clubbers who helped make 2014-2015 such an amazing year. Now let's see how many more records we can break in 2015-2016! (7/2/15)
Film Festival poster Wild & Scenic Film Festival comes
 to Clark Sunday, March 22nd

The Outing Club in concert with Clark Sustainability Collaborative, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, and Clark University Film Society are proud to present one of the nation’s premiere environmental and adventure film festivals as part of Clark Earth Week! The 2015 Wild and Scenic Film Festival tour will be in Sackler 121 from 3-6pm, featuring ten award winning outdoor and nature themed films. This event is free and open to the public, and includes giveaways and door prizes. So grab your friends and spend an afternoon enjoying some amazingly fine films with us! (3/19/15)

Recapping our busiest year ever! What's next??
We're proud to announce that 2013-2014 was the busiest year in Outing Club history! All said and done, we embarked on 46 trips, breaking our old record of 45 in 2011-2012 and easily surprassing last year's total of 35. With 202 unique participants and a combined total attendance of 467 (also new records), a whole bunch of Clarkies had fun getting to know each other on these 46 outings.

If that's not enough, a slew of new fall semester records were set this past year as well, including these:
  • 159 Clarkies participated in one or more of our fall trips
  • This number includes 77 first year students, or 12.5% of the entire class!
  • Thanks to such a tremendous response, we were able to host 26 trips in just 13 weeks from day one through Thanksgiving break!
  • Our total fall trip attendance was 307 - a third more than ever before!
  • 51 Clarkies took part in our annual multi-wave kick-off hike at Worcester's Cascades Parklands, our largest trip ever!
Thanks to all who helped make the year such an amazing success. Now let's keep that momentum going! (7/15/14)
snow Keeping Freud company
Being a statue in Red Square can get lonely when everyone's away for winter break, so Mugsy (our mascot) came to the rescue and had some fun with good ol' Sigmund Freud on a nice sunny afternoon. Freud was elated, but stoutly kept his composure. (1/3/14)

Worcester #2 in Golden Snow Globe rankings
We've certainly had excellent snow conditions for our winter trips this year, and with good reason. Worcester finished the season as the #2 city in the country for total snowfall this season. This comes after having held the #1 spot for several weeks. Check it out at the Golden Snow Globe website. More snow? You never know. But we'll settle for springtime and sunshine! (4/5/13)
Mugsy Mugsy (our mascot) says:

Mugsy has been tagging along on our hikes all year, so it's no surprise that he knows how to have a good time. We hope you'll be there too in 2013 to share in our adventures. Good company always makes for a great trip. Just ask Mugsy, and visit his page! (12/31/12)

Our suggestion box is always open
suggestion box Got an idea for an upcoming trip? A proposal to include in next year's budget request? A new nomination for our executive board? Share your wisdom and enthusiasm at our weekly planning meetings, or our relaxed Academic Commons gatherings. New ideas and renewed leadership are the heartbeat that keeps the Outing Club active and vibrant! So let's hear from you. (2/19/12)

A new trail is born!
After more than 14 years of work, Worcester's East Side Trail is finally whole! You can now hike through the woods 3 1/2 miles from the Shores of Lake Quinsigamond on Worcester's eastern border right into the heart of the city on Shrewsbury Street at East Park. Read more on our special East Side Trail page. (9/27/11)
snow We've reached new heights!
That's 6,288 feet above sea level to be specific. Last weekend's White Mountains adventure marked the first time one of our trips has summited Mt. Washington, the highest point in the northeast. And we couldn't have asked for better weather. The clear blue day drew big crowds to the mountaintop, making it feel less like backcountry but still a top notch destination. See more photos from our trip on Facebook. (9/13/11)

Exciting news for skiers
With support from members of Clark's former Ski and Snowboard Club, the Outing Club has officially expanded its repertoire to include downhill ski and snowboard trips in addition to our current cross country ski trips. Our budget has been increased to accommodate these activities, but we'll be looking for more skiers and snowboarders to help plan them. Watch for further announcements next fall. (5/15/11)
Outing Club video Outing Club video makes it's debut
Thanks to Claudia's talents and her Social and Cultural Issue Documentary Production class project, the Outing Club's story is now on video! Be sure to watch Claudia's six-minute Outing Club video right here on our website.

Slasck lining Slacking... but not slacking off
Our year drew to a close under bright sunny skies on May 1st as we hosted a slackling event as part of Clark's Go Green on the Green Earth Day Festival; a fun-filled campus-wide sustainability awareness event organized by Clark's Eco-Reps. Friends and supporters were out again in full force the following night for our traditional end-of-year Marshmallow roast, officially wrapping things up for us! We'll miss y'all over the summer, but we'll be busy at work making plans for next fall. Take a peek at our upcoming events page for a little taste of the exciting things to come, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook in the meantime. (5/15/11)

Wall climbing, marshmallow roasting, & meeting new faces
rock climbing wall We were overwhelmed by the more than 100 happy faces who huddled around the fire with us Sunday night for our annual fall marshmallow roast. It was one of our strongest turnouts ever! Combined that with 100 more on Wednesday who ascended our climbing wall on the green and 50 who turned out for our general interest meeting, and it's been a mega-exciting week for us! Thanks to all who stopped by and made it happen. (9/10/10)

Mugsy Meet Mugsy Moose!
The Outing Club team just got a little bigger with the arrival of Mugsy Moose, our new official mascot. Mugsy accompanied us on March 28th to Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary on his first hike and had lots of fun exploring the woods, streams and lake! We did too. See our past events page for a full recap. (4/4/10)

snow Don't even think about staying inside this winter!!!
Being up to our armpits in snow is no excuse to wither away indoors! So bundle up and discover a word of fun with us out in the fluffy white stuff. Never tried cross-country skiing or snowshoeing before? Then don't wait any longer! If snow tubing is more your style, we've got you covered. Or simply come out on the Green and partake in whatever winter revelry we happen to choose. The more the merrier! (2/5/11)

Central Rock Higher and higher!
Look closely and you'll see that the guy hanging on at the top of the massive Central Rock Gym climbing wall is our very own Andrew! We'll be ramping up trips to the gym as the winter months descend upon us and our outdoor adventures are not as frequent. So whether your idea of winter fun involves trekking through snow and ice in freezing temperatures or trying your hand at climbing in the warmer comfort of an attractive new gym, be sure to stick with us. We've got you covered! (11/18/10)

First hikes shatter all records!
Response to our announcement for our first hike of the season at Peaked Mountain was phenomenal, shattering all prior records and generating an endless wait list! Our 13 hearty hikers who embarked on the trip were greeted by a sunny and hot summer day as they looped their way up and down the mountain, around ponds and along streams, through dark and spooky pine forests, and across bright meadows on their 5-mile hiking adventure. And our longstanding, 8-year record for largest Outing Club trips was broken the following Sunday at Worcester's Boynton/Cascades Park as we pulled out all the stops and organized our 36 eager participants into 3 separate hikes. If you didn't get to join us, don't despair. There are a whole bunch more crowd-pleasing trips in the works this fall! Watch our upcoming events page for complete listings. (9/10/10)
Open House Welcoming the Class of 2014
Andrew, Maddie and Chloe were on duty in the cozy atmosphere of the Grind for our Admitted Student Open House on Saturday April 17th. If you are among Clark's class-of-2014, we know you're excited about Clark and we can't wait to meet you this fall! Be sure to drop us an email at outingclub@clarku.edu if you want to know more about us or would like to join our mailing list to receive our weekly email newsletters. We'd love to hear from you. Whether you're a hard-core backpacker or simply prefer an occasional walk in the woods, you'll be right at home with the Outing Club. (5/16/10)

Ending our year in style
As ominous dark clouds and fierce winds gave way to clear skies and shining stars, scores of Outing Clubbers gathered between Goddard Library and and Bullock Hall for our annual end-of-year marshmallow roast, and oh was it celebration to remember! S'mores and marshmallows roased over the fire were enjoyed by all as we rocked to the beat of talented musicians from Great Whiskey Rebellion and other guests! With embers glowing in the night air and music filling the space right up 'til the midnight hour, we cherished the smiling faces of good friends and all the good company as we wrapped up another beautiful year at Clark. (5/15/10)
Cross-country skiing Winter Recap
Our pace of activities may slow down a bit during the winter months, but we still manage to have plenty of fun in the outdoors every chance we get. This year we ended up with just enough snow to enjoy cross-country skiing, snow tubing, and a couple of short winter hikes before spring break crept upon us. See our past events page for all the details and trip photos. (3/27/10)

Wrapping up an epoch fall semester!
We pulled out all the stops this semester and it shows! Our 23 club-sponsored fall trips were 50% more than each of the last 3 years, and our total trip attendance of 214 was also a huge gain. Add to that our marshmallow roast, climbing wall on the green, and other on-campus events, and it's no wonder that we're ready for a break. But don't wander off too far; spring semester is right around the corner and we'll be back in full swing soon! (12/20/09)
Outing Club chosen Student Organization of the Month!
Break out the (non-alcoholic) champagne, because we've been selected as October's Student Organization of the Month by the Student Council Organizational Committee! Thanks to everyone who joined us on our trips and helped make our award possible. It brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of someday winning the coveted Nobel Outing Prize. (11/17/09)
Pumpkin patch A foggy pumpkin patch at Breezy Gardens in Leicester was just one stop in last weekend's action-packed Outing Club itinerary. Following our pumpkin picking extravaganza, we stopped to chat with llamas and goats before rounding out our Saturday afternoon with a hike at the nearby Burncoat Pond wildlife sanctuary. On Sunday we hosted two trail riding adventures at Ridge Valley Stables in Grafton and our weekly Nature Connection hike at the beautiful West Thompson Lake in Connecticut. The whole affair was proof that you can never get too much of a good thing!(10/26/09)

Team Outing Club relays for life
Relay For Life Team Outing Club was out in force on the morning of April 25th for final laps of Clark's first ever Relay for Life event to benefit the American Cancer Society. Still going strong after 18 hours of walking, our team of twelve Outing Clubbers raised over $1,300 of the event's $19,000 total amount. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We couldn't have done it without you. See more photos on our past events page. (5/5/09)

Why is Jeff chopping down the tree?
tree He's helping the Massachusetts Audubon Society create a meadow at Worcester's Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary to provide mating habitat for the American Woodcock. A contingent of Outing Clubbers volunteered at Broad Meadow Brook and at the Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton during spring break. (3/9/09)

Central Rock Gym We were dwarfed by the huge dimensions of Worcester's new Central Rock Gym during our recent construction tour of the facility, which is slated to open in early spring. Get the inside scoop on our exciting visit right here. (12/6/08)

Take a peek...
peek peek peek
...at our past events page and see all of our newly added photos from this semester's trips. Relive the experience if you were there, and see how much fun you missed if you weren't. Either way, be sure to check 'em out! (11/9/08)
The Maine attraction
We headed north for moose country adventures twice this semester. Our first excursion on Sept. 27th was for our overnight Kennebec River camping and whitewater rafting trip in The Forks, Maine on a rainy, wet and wild weekend. On the river the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits as we careened over the rapids making our way down the river. Two weeks later we found ourselves back in Maine at Acadia National Park for a 3-day weekend of camping and hiking under warm, sunny skies! It was a truly magnificent experience which none of us wanted to leave, but we somehow managed to pry ourselves away and return to Clark in time to crack open the books again. (10/20/08)
We're off to a busy start!
rock wall With our traditional fireside welcome back marshmallow roast displaced this fall by the Goddard Library construction, we instead chose to kick off the year by hosting a rock climbing wall on the green for last Friday's Student Activities Fair. The wall was a huge hit! It drew a steady flow of eager participants throughout the afternoon and helped us add an unprecedented 158 new names to our mailing list so far this fall. Two days later, 17 of us hit the trails of Bigelow Hollow State Park in Connecticut in the wake of tropical storm Hanna for our first outing of the year. Under bright sunny skies, we had fun crossing overflowing streams and wading through flooded trails, and even managed to indulge ourselves on a rope swing over Breakneck Pond. It was a little more adventure than we'd planned, but everyone had a great time. (9/9/08)
Outing Club makes the headlines
In case you missed it, it's not too late to read all about us in the November 21st 2006 Worcester Telegram and Gazette.
Woo Hoo!!
We're thrilled to tell you that the Outing Club won an award for "best website" at the annual Student Council awards banquet Monday night in Tilton Hall. So if you like our site, you'll be happy to know that you're in good company! (4/30/08)
Finishing the year in style
movie night banner We always like to end our year on a high note, and this time we uppped the ante with our first ever slumber sleepover-themed movie night party in Tilton Hall, co-sponored by the Clark University Film Society. More than 50 friends joined us to watch Into the Wild and enjoy free pizza, popcorn and good company. Not to be outdone, an even greater number were on hand a few nights later for our traditional end-of-the-year marshmallow roast. We'd like to thank everyone who took part in all of our events this year, and we'll be looking forward to meeting even more new faces next fall! (4/30/08)

Pink Moooooooooon
It was a night to remember, as dozens of us braved the icy trails and toe-numbing temperatures of Moore State Park in Paxton to watch last night's total lunar eclipse. In the wide open field atop Davis Hill, the stars grew brighter and brighter as the moon grew dimmer and dimmer until it was nothing more than a pink glow. Others huddled on campus lawns to watch the spectacle, or viewed it from Clark's rooftop observatory. We hope you were able to enjoy it too, or you'll have to wait another 3 years for your next chance! (2/21/08)
Ali, Ashley and Katie at ClimatasticFOCUS Climatastic!
Thursday evening's ClimatasticFOCUS festival was a huge success, and we were among the many student groups right there in the thick of it! The event, organized by Clark Sustainability Initiative (CSI) to energize students on the issue of climate change, capped off the national Focus the Nation climate change teach-in day at Clark and over 1750 other institutions across the country. Our love of the outdoors and concern for the impact of climate change on our natural environment brought us to ClimatasticFOCUS; all the great entertainment and good company kept us there 'til the very end. (2/3/08)
General interest meeting We had a great time hanging out with everyone at Thursday's general interest meeting & social in Dana Commons. Between the familiar faces and the new, we were two dozen strong and managed to talk up quite a storm as we sat there sipping our tea and enjoying the warmth of the cozy fire! If you missed it, you can still catch a piece of the action by checking out our fireplace-lighting video. It's highly recommended for anyone who happens to be bored silly or procrastinating at all costs! (1/26/08)
Over 60 Outing Clubbers gathered in Dana Commons for an evening of tasty food, live entertainment, good fun, and of course, great company at Thursday's end-of-the-semester Outing Club Pasta Party Palooza. Needless to say, our little party was a huge success! The music of DHP Collective and other talented friends kept the whole place hopping, and our nice toasty fire in the fireplace provided just the right ambiance. We'd like to thank everyone who joined us for our happy event and all who sent their regrets due to labs, exams, and other various obligations. (We'll catch you next time!) (12/2/07)
President Bassett signs Climate Commitment
On June 14th, Clark joined more than 250 higher education institutions across the country in a pledge to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions on campus and to promote climate neutrality in scholarship and research. The Outing Club was one of several organizations which co-sponsored a resolution calling upon President Bassett to take this step (see news item below). Further details can be found in Clark's press release. (6/25/07)
Acadia National Park Snow in April isn't at all unusual in Maine's Acadia National Park, and there was still plenty of it on the ground to greet the 9 intrepid Outing Clubbers on our weekend camping and hiking trip. Rumor has it that there was no shortage of fun either. See it for yourself on our past events page. (4/25/07)

Paddlers enjoy a fun trip down the Blackstone
canoe trip What do you get when you take one river, insert a fleet of canoes, and add a bunch of Outing Clubbers? Well, as we discovered last Sunday on the Blackstone, you get an amazingly successful and fun outing! Be sure to check out all the details on our past events page. (4/5/07)

Step It Up: Outing Club co-sponsors a call to action!
Step It Up march On Saturday April 14th, we joined other Clarkies in a march from Red Square to Elm Park for Worcester's citywide Step It Up Rally; part of a national coordinated grassroots call to action on climate change. The 800 who took part in Worcester's rally along with tens of thousands more at over 1400 similar events across the country sent a clear message to congress: cut the nation's carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2050. (4/17/07)

Outing Club sponsors resolution on a Climate Neutral Clark
At our March 26th meeting, we voted to become a co-sponsor of a resolution introduced by the Clark Sustainability Initiative calling upon Clark to become a Charter Signatory and a member of the Leadership Circle of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). In accordance with the commitment, the resolution outlines a number of steps for Clark to take toward becoming climate neutral. The resolution received 93% approval in a student referendum on April 3rd and was subsequently endorsed by Clark's Undergraduate Student Council. (4/6/07)
Kayaking clinics
kayak clinic Participants in our kayaking clinics not only learned a lot of valuable kayaking skills, but also had fun paddling around the "tropical" waters of the Kneller pool. The clinic was taught by instructors from Osprey Sea Kayak and photos have been added to our past events page. (2/24/07)

Another year over; a new one just begun
marshmallow roast Even as upwards of 150 people stopped by to enjoy our annual end of the year marshmallow roast on the final day of the spring semester, plans were already well underway for a plethora of new and exciting events coming this fall. You can get a sneak peek of them on our upcoming events page, or check out the recap of our marshmallow roast on our past events page. And as our newly elected executive board members take office, we'll be giving our tearful goodbyes to Elizabeth and Dan who are graduating this year, and wishing Amanda well as she travels halfway 'round the world to study abroad. (5/12/07)

"Yep, it was fun."
So says Amanda, when asked about last Saturday's whitewater kayaking adventure on the Deerfield River in northern, MA. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that our trio of whitewater paddlers had a lot more than just a little fun on our club's first ever whitewater kayaking trip. Rest assured it won't be our last! (5/11/07)
A whopping amount of snow greeted our unsuspecting quartet who tried to go cross country skiing last weekend in New Hampshire's Franconia Notch, only to find themselves mired waist deep in the white stuff! They had an awesome adventure alright, but next time, dear friends, they'll be packing the snowshoes. (2/22/07)
We had lots of fun cooking it . . .  and plenty of help eating it!
Cooking pasta Eating pasta Our first ever pasta dinner buffet Thursday night in Dana Commons was a huge success. With over 50 people in attendance, our dedicated kitchen crew rose to the challenge and made sure nobody left the event hungry. Aside from the pasta (and of course, Willa's famous garlic bread), highlights of the evening included music and slides from past Outing Club events, Amanda's adrenaline-packed kayaking video, lots of schmoozing, and a down-to-earth good time for all. What better way to wrap up a busy fall semester! (12/9/06)

We're simply irresistible
Amanda and Lana at activies fair Well over 100 students just couldn't resist stopping by the Outing Club table at Wednesday's Student Activities Fair. We really enjoyed meeting all of you and with the five pages of new names we've added to our mailing list, we're looking forward to a full season of fall adventures. Whether you're interested in summiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire, backpacking through New England, whitewater adventures, or simply spending an hour or two exploring the green spaces of central Massachusetts, the Outing Club is your place to be. (9/7/06)

Reality Check
Real life emergency Ten Outing Club members spent the weekend of April 8-9 at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton completing a 2-day SOLO Wilderness First Aid certification course. Our training was augmented by a real life emergency when a vistor to the Chasm injured her leg on a rock ledge. Several course participants tended to the patient while waiting for rescue personnel, and others helped them carry her through the chasm's boulder field to an ambulance. (4/9/06)

Thanks to volunteers from the Outing Club, WaterWatch, the Columbus Park Neighborhood Association, and Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association, Coes Reservoir was "relieved" of tons of debris on Saturday. Among the items we hauled out were a plastic wading pool, the tub of a washing machine, many dozens of tires, and countless bottles and cans. If you missed this clean-up, watch for more volunteer opportunities on Just Do It Day (Sat. April 1st) and during the citywide Earth Day cleanup on Sat. April 29th.
Amanda Did you know that Outing Club Officer-at-Large Amanda Lee won the prestigious and highly acclaimed Best New Group Member award at this year's annual Student Council awards ceremony? Amanda's reaction was one of bewilderment: "There was a ceremony?? I got an award??"  Well, maybe it's not quite a Nobel Prize Amanda, but we're still very proud of you. (4/23/06)

Northern part of Coes Reservoir Low tide at Coes Reservoir
The water level of Worcester's Coes Reservoir has been lowered by 5 feet to facilitate reconstruction of the dam at the reservoir's southern end. We were canoeing there on Oct. 5th and hiked the shorline on Dec. 11th, and it will be the site of our big kickoff event next fall. Click here for more details and photos of the Coes Reservoir project. (3/11/06)

Alaska If you haven't been reading STIR Magazine then you've been missing great features such as our own Amanda Lee relating her month-long Alaska wilderness adventure last summer. You're in luck though, because STIR has allowed us to repost Amanda's tale right here on our web site. (3/20/06)

Next stop: Olympic Gold
Medal winners Outing Club members (L-R) Micah Veilleux '06, Rachel Chock '07, Amanda Lee '09, and Clark groundskeeper / Arboretum Steward Jim Ekins display their winning medals at Saturday's Great Quinsig Canoe and Kayak Race in Shrewsbury. Amanda and Jim placed 1st in the mixed adult recreational 2-person canoe category. Micah and Rachel placed 3rd in the same category. A total of 15 Outing Club paddlers participated in this event. Additional photos of the race are posted on our past events page. (9/19/05)

Tent on the GreenA sneak peek at Clark's new theme housing??
Nope, it's just the Outing Club on the green at Wednesday's Student Organization Recognition Celebration, which was sponsored by Student Council.(4/21/05)

Geared up!
New tent The Outing Club's newest pieces of camping gear were also on display for all to see at Tuesday night's election meeting. Needless to say, this spacious 4-person tent attracted a lot of curiosity.
New gear The new gear will come in handy for our upcoming camping and whitewater rafting trip to Maine on April 16-17.
Elizabeth and Emily A winning combination: Outing Club elections and free pizza.

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