Construction tour of

Central Rock Gym

299 Barber Ave.
Worcester, MA

December 5, 2008

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Central Rock Gym For the past year and a half we've eagerly anticipated the planned opening of the new Central Rock Gym right here in Worcester. With construction finally underway, we were invited by Joe and Ed (the gym's owners) to take a first look at the facility. As you can see, it's going to be huge!

We're standing in the back corner of the building, facing the main entrance. The wall on your left will be a 45 foot high climbing wall, connected by an arch to a large climbing pillar on the round concrete slab in front of us.

The wall on your right will be the bouldering wall. Large windows to be installed at the top will afford nice views of the woods behind the building and provide lots of natural light.

The structure is widest at the front, where there will be shower/locker facilities, a climbing store, and a function room. Above these will be a mezzanine with a separate climbing area for parties and events, a workout area with treadmills, ellipticals and bikes, a stretching/yoga area, and a lounge with sofas and wireless interent!
Central Rock Gym Here's a closer shot of our group - Greg, Ashley, Willa, Sasha, Krittika and Kenzie - inside the gym. We'll be inviting club members to join us on our next tour as progress continues, and plan to work with Joe and Ed to organize a big welcoming event for the club when the gym opens.
Central Rock Gym Here we are again, joined by Joe and Ed. They have a lot more information about the gym on their website (http://www.centralrockgym.com), including construction photos and a subscription form for their e-newsletter. You can also read Central Rock's November 2008 newsletter below.
Central Rock Gym - November 2008 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Climbers,
As it gets closer to the end of the year, and winter is upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to update you on Central Rock Gym’s progress. The building is nearing completion, and the construction of the climbing walls will begin in December. We continue to update our website with progress photos which you can check at www.centralrockgym.com. Please let your friends know about this website, so they can sign up for our newsletter as well.


Since we have had the privilege of designing the building from ground up, we have incorporated many features that will enhance your Central Rock Gym experience. The lighting in the gym will be enhanced by 20 large windows that will allow for sunlight, and great views of the woods next door. In addition, there is a large 2000sqft mezzanine which will have a party wall for birthdays and other youth events. By keeping this area separate, there will be less congestion on the main climbing floor. The party walls, though separate, will still have 25ft routes. The mezzanine will also have a lounge area with tables, sofas, and chairs, and wireless internet, so you can do homework, check your email, or just hang out before or after a climbing workout. Finally, the mezzanine will have a workout area with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and a large stretching/yoga area.


The main climbing area will be home to some of the sweetest top rope, leading, and bouldering in the northeast. Top rope and lead walls will extend up to 45ft high, with roofs, arches, slabs, and just plain vertical. The bouldering will also be spectacular, with top outs at 16ft, and some of the most creative terrain around. In all, there will be over 13,000sqft of climbing walls, with the height and terrain to satisfy the beginner and most advanced climbers out there.


Introductory belay classes will be offered at no additional charge every evening for new climbers. Safety is our number one priority, so all staff will be trained to teach and ensure that safe climbing is being practiced around the gym.


In addition to normal climbing hours, we will have special events each week. We will host a Worcester College night each week, where college students with an ID will climb for a discount, and get free pizza when they’re done. We will also have a ladies night, where women will climb for half off. It is our goal to create the best climbing gym experience possible. If you have any suggestions, or comments, please write us at info@centralrockgym.com.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Central Rock