Flat Water Canoeing on
Worcester's Coes Reservoir

Wednesday October 5th, 2005

cata-canoe So what the heck is a "cata-canoe"? Several of us paddled one for the very first time on a picture perfect Wednesday afternoon, barely a mile from campus in Worcester's Coes Reservoir.

Jim cata-canoe on Coes

Jim Ekins, Clark Groundskeeper and Arboretum Steward, built the cata-canoe using two of his canoes and a board to connect them.

The result is a very stable craft that can easily carry six people, and as many as 8 people with careful seating.

Columbus Park We launched the cata-canoe from Worcester's Columbus Park (seen here from the water) as part of our "Camp Clark" event which was to include short hikes through the park and Clark's adjoining Hadwen Arboretum. But the canoeing turned out to be so much fun that we decided to save the hiking for another day.

Jason Jason organized the event. Aside from a little dip in the reservoir (go Jay!), he spent the whole afternoon canoeing.

Greg, Sophie and Steph Greg and Steph relaxed on the leisure deck while John and Sophie (center) paddled at the bow.

Sophie, Jim and John Later we swapped positions and Sophie and John had their turn on deck, with Jim steering from the stern. The early fall foliage along the shoreline was quite vivid in the bright sunlight.

Susan and Aran in the bow When Sophie and John had to leave, Susan and Aran took over the paddling.

white swan Osprey

Our canoe shared the water with many turtles, a large bullfrog, and various other wildlife; including this white swan.

Meanwhile, an osprey circled overhead.

Aran Aran enjoys the tranquility of the reservior's northern tip. This isn't the Worcester most Clarkies know.

Coes Reservoir Hopefully we'll be back here again in the not too distant future when more students have time to come join us.

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