Outing Club (logo design by Stephanie Sheridan) Outing Club (logo design by Stephanie Sheridan) Outing Club (logo design by Stephanie Sheridan)
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Outing Club History and Acclaim

Sometimes we get noticed! Here are a few cases in point, followed by a little bit of early Outing Club history.

Memorable moments

  • A photo of Team Outing Club and quotes from our team captain appeared in Clark's News Release recapping the 2015 Relay For Life event held in the Kneller Athletic Center on April 10th.
  • An October 2013 article in The Scarlet (Clark's student newspaper) and a February 2014 post in The Choice Blog highlighted our cabin restoration work with the Greater Worcester Land Trust.
  • A class video project in fall 2009 by Claudia Olcese Lira '11 tells the story of the Outing Club in a six-minute segment. Watch Claudia's Outing Club video right here on our website!
  • We received the best website award in 2008 at Clark's annual Student Council awards banquet, and were selected Student Organization of the Month by the Student Council Organizational Committee in November, 2009.
  • We're featured in Newsbriefs in the Summer 2007 issue of ClarkNews, Clark's quarterly Alumni Newsletter (replaced by Clark Magazine in 2010).
  • The Worcester Telegram and Gazette outdoor columnist devoted her November 21st, 2006 column to our club. Don't miss it!
  • Read about us in the Scarlet Spotlight column published in the November 10, 2005 issue of The Scarlet, Clark's student Newspaper.

Our humble beginning

It all started in the fall of 2002 when a bunch of outdoor types arrived at Clark University and discovered that it had everything they ever wanted in a college - except an Outing Club.

They knew that Clark used to have one. Clark's old "Pasticcio" yearbooks revealed that an Outing Club had been formed in 1952, and LEEP project research conducted in 2015 found that an earlier incarnation of the Outing Club (also referred to as the Outdoors Club) had been created in 1943 by Clark's Women's College in its second year of existence. But by 2002 the earlier initiatives had fallen by the wayside and there was no longer an Outing Club at Clark.

Pasticcio photos from the 1950s

So with lots of ambition and a little encouragement the club was resurrected, and officially set sail on its first adventure (or misadventure) on October 5th, 2002. You'll find this trip and our hundreds of subsequent club-sponsored trips and events listed on our past events page.