Local Hike of Columbus Park, Newton Hill & Hadwen Arboretum

Our snowy afternoon adventure

Sunday December 4th, 2005

All of us enjoying the snow There's a saying that plans are meant to change, and that's especially true in the outdoors where little things like unexpected snowstorms are most apt to happen. Because of just such a storm, we decided to save our planned hike of Holden's Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary for another day and instead take a walk through some of the nearby green spaces (or should I say "white spaces") right here in Worcester.

Hadwen Arboretum Our first destination was Clark's own Hadwen Arboretum, just a short 15-20 minute walk from campus. The falling snow was starting to taper off and the winds were very calm, so despite temperatures in the mid-20s the conditions did not feel very cold.

Coes Reservoir We proceeded across the Arboretum and past Clark's well secluded varsity softball field, bringing us to another trail leading to the shore of Coes Reservoir at Columbus Park. This is where we'd gone canoeing a couple of months earlier (Oct. 5th) on a warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Old Cart Path Trail After looping around Columbus Park and back through the Arboretum, we continued northward to Newton Hill across from Elm Park. When we arrived, we proceeded down the Old Cart Path Trail; the lowest of several trails circling the hill.

Newton Hill summit We then followed the Newton Trail up to the summit of the hill, which is marked by an old flag pole at the center of an open field. By this time the snowfall had ended and skies were just beginning to brighten up a little.

View of Elm Park from Newton Hill Descending Newton Hill along the East/West trail provided a nice view of Elm Park below us. The trail led us down to Park Ave., which we followed back to campus and concluded our outing.

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