Trip to Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

Sunday November 18th, 2007
Chasm marker Here marks the spot! Our van was full as the 12 of us headed off to Purgatory Chasm for an afternoon of exploring the rocks, cliffs, caves, trails, and everything else that makes the place so interesting. Although a longtime favorite destination of ours, it had been two years since our last Purgatory Chasm trip, so we were long overdue.
Tree & cliff

Looking up, we saw tall trees, high cliffs, and Jeremy!
Looking down from above

Looking down, there were lots of huge boulders, more trees, and Liz!
Lana, Krittika, Nate, and Juliana

Lana, Krittika, Nate, and Juliana squeeze through Fat Man's Misery, one of the Chasm's most popular attractions.

Juliana Lana Nate
Chasm wall On the Chasm's walls, trees grow in some mighty peculiar places!
Krittika is having a ton of fun at Fat Man's Misery as Juliana pops out of one of the Chasm's many small caves we explored.
random legs Random legs in one of the caves... They belong to someone (we hope).
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