Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

November 2002, September 2003 and 2004, April 2005

Group entering Purgatory Chasm If you love the rain, then our Purgatory Chasm trips are right up your alley. We initially went there in November 2002 with 28 people on one of our first official outings as a club. It only sprinkled a little and temperatures were in the 60s, so nobody complained. We all had fun climbing the chasm walls, exploring the caves, and hiking the trails.

Fat Man's Misery We tried again a year later in September 2003. This time it was a dark rainy afternoon, but that didn't stop us.

Rock slope In fact, we made two important scientific discoveries that day:

Sliding down wet slope #1 - Wet rocks are slippery

How to drive your mom crazy #2 - Wet dirt is muddy

A little mud never hurt anyone So as you can see, we managed to amuse ourselves just fine despite the rain.
Our third trip to Purgatory in September 2004 was in the middle of a monsoon. We probably could have paddled a canoe down route 146. Our fourth trip in April 2005 was just a wet, rainy day. Sooner or later, we'll manage to make it to Pugatory on a bright sunny day. It remains one of our favorite local destinations.

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