Canoeing on the Blackstone River

Northbridge, MA

Sunday October 21, 2007

Blackstone River Here's a look at our pretty river - the Blackstone - which 7 of us paddled from Plummer's Landing in Northbrige to Uxbridge on a beautiful and unseasonably warm October day. It was the same stretch of river which our club had paddled last spring, and hiked along just a few weeks ago.
Nora and Lana We once again teamed up with Friends of The Blackstone for our trip. Mark, who was one of our guides, paddled his kayak down the river with us.
Nora and Lana Lana paddled down the river with Nora, who organized the trip.
Katie and Ali Katie and Ali paddled another canoe.
Ali Katie
Scott and Krittika hopped in a third canoe.
Krittika Scott
Nora and Lana with construction traffic barrel With help from Keith and Mark from Friends of the Blackstone, we not only had a great canoeing trip down the river but decided to help clean it up along the way. Lana and Nora have recovered a road constuction traffic barrel, complete with blinking light on top!
All of us with our treasure By the end of the day, our booty from the river consisted of 4 tires (including one with rims), one child’s plastic picnic table, an oil drum, assorted bottles and cans, tennis balls, and the construction barrel! It was an unexpected turn of events, but we all had a great time and were happy to have left the river in better shape!
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