Hike of the Blackstone River Valley State Park

Uxbridge/Northbridge, MA

Sunday September 23rd, 2007

Blackstone River

Between Plummer's Landing in Northbridge and the stone arch bridge in Uxbrige, the Blackstone River meanders through twists and turns in a pristine landscape. We caught glimpses of the river as we hiked this stretch along the Plummer's Trail, canal towpath, and Goat Hill Trail.
Blackstone River
Lori crossing the makeshift bridge In contrast to the meandering river, our trails were mostly a straight shot from point A to point B. The 5 mile round trip was an easy and relaxing hike. Our only minor obstacle involved some fancy footwork where a bridge had washed out.
Later we climbed up to King Philip's Lookout, a rock outcrop from which we had a wonderful view of the river valley where we'd just hiked.
Our group at King Philip's Lookout View from King Philip's Lookout
Jon on the rocks
Jon checks out the vegetation beneath the outcrop while Jess and Ashley enjoy the serenity of the moment.
Jess and Ashley

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