Canoeing on the Blackstone River

Northbridge, MA

Sunday April 1, 2007

Canoes on the riverbank As river canoeing adventures go, our April Fools Day outing on the Blackstone River will go down in history not only as our first ever river canoeing trip, but as an amazing fun-filled day. The excitement began at Plummer's Landing in Northbrige as we unloaded the canoes and met our guides from the Blackstone River Watershed Council and Blackstone Valley Paddle Club (BVP).
Linda, Tiffany and Rachel Linda from BVP (left) started us off with some canoeing instruction and fashionable flotation vests, modeled here by Tiffany and Rachel.
Canoe launch Addi and Kerri prepare to set sail as Linda and Eric from BVP help them launch their canoe.

Happy paddlers: Angela and Elizabeth.

Angela Angela and Elizabeth
Fallen tree in river Not-so-happy paddlers: Greg and Amanda, perched on a fallen tree above their sunken canoe.
Amanda and Greg Ahh, that's better! After drying out a little and recovering the canoe, they're back in business.
paddling around the bend Kerri and Addi paddle through quickwater as they follow Tiffany and Rachel around one of the river's many hairpin turns.
Tiffany During a pause in the action, Tiffany enjoys the midday sunshine.

In tranquil waters: Steph and Adam (left) and our guides Elaine and Keith (right).

Elaine and Keith Steph and Adam
Elizabeth and Angela After passing beneath the stone arch bridge in Uxbridge, Elizabeth and Angela prepare for the only portage of our trip.
Canoes at Riverbend Farm At the end of our 3.5 mile journey, Kerri, Addi, Rachel, and Tiffany enjoy their final moments on the water at the River Bend Farm visitor's center.
Our group All of us outside the visitor's center, as we prepare to load the canoes and head home.

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