Newport Cliff Walk

Newport, RI

Sunday April 13th, 2008

Newport Cliff Walk The Newport Cliff Walk will never be mistaken for backcountry, but it's 3.5 mile stretch of rocky New England coastline is nonetheless a fun outdoor adventure. We hiked it on a beautiful partly sunny Sunday, beginning at Easton's Beach and proceeding all the way to the southern terminus on Bellevue Avenue, followed by a walk into town and back to our starting point.
Group at "40 Steps" Lana, Ashley, Max, Tahsa and Patrick rest alongside "40 steps" - one of the Cliff Walk's popular attractions.
Ashley and Lana Ashley, Lana, and the sea.
Ocean view One of the Cliff Walk's magnificent ocean views.
Property along Cliff Walk On the other side of the fence, the Cliff Walk's neighbors include some very pricey homes and mansions; visible along many sections of the walk.
swirling waters Patrick and Tasha At left, swirling waters, while at right, Patrick and Tasha explore the coastline.
Lana, Ashley and Max on rocks Lana, Ashley and Max, hanging out on one of the rock formations which protrude into the sea. Even on a relatively calm day the waves strike with a good deal of force, so we needed to be careful not to get too close to the water.
Group at Easton's Beach Lana, Ashley, Patrick, Tasha, Max and Greg on Easton's Beach as we get ready to head home.
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