Trip to Newport, RI

Brenton Point, The Breakers, Cliff Walk

Sunday April 24th, 2005

Rocks and the sea

Behold the sea!

Group standing on rocks Our Newport adventure began in earnest when we reached Brenton Point; a great place to greet the waters of Rhode Island Sound. The rains of the passing storm had stopped just hours ago and the sky was beginning to clear, but the strong winds were still whipping the waters into a frenzy.

Rocks and the sea Standing there on the rocks, we knew the conditions were ripe for adventure.

The Breakers Mansion After leaving Brenton Point, we looped around past Fort Adams State Park and decided to tour "The Breakers" mansion. Built in 1895, it was merely a summer cottage for its original inhabitants.

Back yard of The Breakers Perhaps they'd let us pitch our tent in their back yard.

Waves crashing on rocks After The Breakers, some of us headed back to the sea to do the Cliff Walk while others continued touring the mansions.

Sea wave The wind and surf were still very strong...

Exploring a rock outcrop ...but a little sea spray never hurt anyone.

Tunnel entrance The entrance to one of the Cliff Walk's two tunnels is in the center of this photo.

Mansion next to the sea Some of the fancy real estate which abuts the Cliff Walk.
After finishing the walk, we regrouped downtown and found a nice place for dinner. Then we made time for a little obligatory shopping before hitting the road, and got back to Clark around 10:30PM. Another successful outing!

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