Hike of Boynton/Cascades Park

Worcester, Holden and Paxton MA

September 10, 2006

Boynton Park group There are two good reasons why we do a trip to Boynton/Cascades park every year: it's so close and so beautiful. Barely a 10 minute drive from Clark, the combined parklands span almost 350 acres of quiet woodland in portions of Worcester, Holden and Paxton.

Lana on top of Split Boulder As we began exploring the trails, Split Boulder was our first stop. It rests not far the top of the 300 foot long Cascades Waterfall (a must-see attraction after a big rain storm). Lana stands atop the boulder after carefully navigating her way up its facade.

Tara, Alysa and Jenn Dushani and Deotima

Further up the trail, Tara, Alysa and Jenn wait for the rest of our group to catch up while Dushani and Deotima share a bonding experience.

Among the park's varied vegetation, we found many interesting sights and species. The one on the left seemed to be watching us!
vegetation vegetation vegetation tree

frog The vernal pool along the Meadow Ridge Trail was home to many, many frogs.

Dushani Pam

Dushani stands ready to press forward with hiking stick in hand, while at right, Pam enjoys a peaceful moment in the wilderness.

Vesela and Deotima along the River Trail Jenn on banks of stream

Vesela and Deotima relax by the brook along the River Trail.

Proceeding downstream, Jenn checks out the waters flowing past the amphitheater on the Silver Spring Trail.

swings We didn't know swing sets grew in the wilderness, but it was still a fun interlude to our hike, as Lana, Meredith and Pam discover.

steep trail At the end of our journey, Vesela, Dushani, Deotima and Tara step their way down the trail alongside Cascades Waterfall.
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