Zip Line Canopy Tour

White Mountains, NH

October 20, 2013

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Dale gets his gear Step 1: Gear up!

Following a three hour trek up to Bretton Woods, NH, the twelve of us arrived for our eagerly anticipated zip line canopy tour.

We split into two groups (the photos are from the first), got our safety equipment and instruction, made a bumpy trek up the mountain, and were rewarded with gorgeous views of the White Mountains! The view included Mount Washington, which had some snow from the night before, and Mount Eisenhower, which trip leader Rosie had fond memories of climbing some years back.
White Mountains view
Group We're pretty excited to get started as we snap our fabulous group picture.

Crossing the world's shortest bridge to get to the beginning of the course, Peter, Dale, Rosie and Katie model their fashionable helmets and harnesses.

Katie Rosie Peter & Dale

Getting down to business, Verna zips her way across one of the first big zip lines. She's followed by Laura, who successfully lands on the platform way up in the air.

Verna Laura

We got to cross these super cool suspension bridges to get from one set of zip lines to the next.

Suspension bridge Suspension bridge
Laura We're in close quarters on the small platforms but Laura's still smiling!
Rosie on zipline Rosie descends down the next zipline, each one gets steeper and longer as we make our way down the mountain.

On the platform Verna is a true tree hugger, especially when there's nothing else to hold onto. Except each other, of course! The rest of gang huddles, smiles, and shivers! Did we mention it was absolutely freezing??

Verna The gang
Platform & belay ropes We finished the last of the zip lines and free fell (well, belayed) down two platforms to get down to solid ground.
Laura rappeling Like a spy who's completed a top secret mission, the adventurous Laura rappels down from the sky.

Katie and Verna come off of an adrenaline rush and frostbite, and dissolve into silliness as they contemplate the act of zip lining. Meanwhile, the second of our two groups zips past overhead.

Katie & Verna Zipline

Peter rappels down from the platform followed by Dale, who gives a thumbs up, finally standing back on earth!
High five! Dale and Katie celebrate with a high five as the Outing Club has just glided through the air on seven zip lines at 30 mph and had a grand ol' time!

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