Trip to Wingaersheek Beach

Gloucester, MA

September 3rd, 2011

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Wingaersheek Beach We began our fall season with something new... a trip to the beach! But not just any beach. Wingaersheek Beach sits at the mouth of the Annisquam River where it meets Ipswich Bay. And if you arrive at low tide as we did, the beach just goes on and on, leaving behind tidal pools and exposing all sorts of rock formations to climb around and explore!

Taking advantage of the vast stretches of beach, Nicole, Laura, Therese and Helen go exploring.

Nicole and Laura Therese and Helen

Champo and Gabriel do what you're supposed to do on a beach - relax in the sun - while Jill and Helen check out the rock formations!

Champo and Gabriel Jill and Helen

Later, Jill is reading her library book, upset with the pesky seagull that decided to steal away her beloved corn muffin!
Tide coming in But she swiftly forgot about her stolen lunch the moment she realized that the tide had come in, and jumped into the water along with Therese, Helen, and Gabriel as the waves rolled toward them. Up and down the beach the water was suddenly full of people. 'Twas a blast!
Helen, Jill, Laura and Nicole Helen, Jill, Laura and Nicole enjoy the rising tide!

As the afternoon progressed, others decided to partake in a fun game of volleyball. Irta demonstrates her top notch skills at this beach tradition.
Irta playing volleyball
Irta playing volleyball
Eventually the wonderful late summer day drew to a close and we gathered our group of twelve together for the van ride back to Clark, eager to share the tales of our adventure with the rest of the campus!

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