Wells State Park

Sturbridge, MA

October 20th, 2013

Going hiking with the Outing Club? Bring a friend! Seems that's just what Savannah decided to do.

Our highly animated group begins its hike along the Mountain Rd Trail, parallel to the Walker Pond shoreline.

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Savannah & Nakaila
Mountain Road Trail

Gorgeous views of the pond awaited us.

Walker Pond Walker Pond

Lilia, Marie and Nikala spend a moment in the sun while Savannah is off hugging trees.

Lilia, Marie and Nikala Savannah
Eliana and Yousra Eliana and Yousra ascend the Mountain Road trail as it loops back toward higher ground.

We then followed the South Trail to Carpenter's Rocks and were rewarded with a spectacular panoramic fall foliage view of the valley below.


Roisin is perched on Carpenter's Rocks, enjoying the view. At the northern edge, we had a nice distant view of Mt. Wachusett about 25 miles away.

Roisin Mt. Wachusett view
Marie, Lilia, Nikala, and Savannah Marie, Lilia, Nikala, and Savannah chill out on Carpenter's Rocks. It was a cool spot to meditate too! Nikala guided us through a nice meditation called breathe coherence, accompanied by the relaxing sound of breeze blowing through the treetops.
group Our whole group up at Carpenter's Rocks.
Marie and Nikala
Marie and Nikala hike down the path from from Carpenter's Rocks. Along the way, the blue sky through a thinning autumn canopy afforded us some very beautiful scenery.
autumn scenery
As we conclude our hike, Savannah finds a big fuzzy caterpillar crossing the road. We named him Wilson! Eliana, Yousra, and Nikaila take turns petting it before saying goodbye and returning it to the woods. Marie, Nikaila, & Lilia
Eliana & Yousra

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