10th Anniversary Hike of Mt. Watatic

Ashburnham, MA

Saturday September 1st, 2012

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Group & Watatic monument Back in September, 2002, our newly revived Outing Club set out to Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham for our first hike. Due to car trouble we didn't actually make it there until years later, but since it's the thought that counts, we thought it would be nice to kick off our 2012 season with a 10th anniversary Mt. Watatic commemorative hike. And with a van full of eager Outing Clubbers, that's exactly what we did!

(Wanna read the fine print on the monument? You can do it here.)
State Line Trail
We began on the rough and rocky State Line Trail, missed a turn, ended up in a New Hamphsire clear-cut on what used to be the Wapack Trail. Not quite what we expected, but we later learned that the Wapack Trail has been re-routed to bypass the clearing.
clear cut

So we backtracked a little bit, got our bearings at a signpost, and asked a toad near its base for directions.

Soon enough we arrived at the Mt. Watatic summit - with Mugsy too - and began exploring. The lower (false) summit behind us actually has the best views, so that's where we headed.

Group on summit Mugsy
Southern NH mountains A spectacular view of the mountains of southern New Hampshire from the lower summit.
Justin We fan out across the lower summit and spend some time enjoying all that it has to offer. It is such a beautiful place!
Watatic view Zachai
Watatic view Sam

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