Hike of Wachusett Meadow
Wildlife Sanctuary

Princeton, MA

March 24th, 2013

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View from North Meadow Trail We began our hike of the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary on the North Meadow Trail, with a gorgeous view across the snow-covered fields of what was once a colonial farm.
Group hiking up trail Our hike was Andrew's first time organizing an Outing Club trip. Being from the area and having volunteered at Wachusett Meadow, Andrew knew the sanctuary's trails well and leads the way as we head north toward Brown Hill.
Trees in the snow Although technically the first weekend of spring, bare trees, undisturbed white snow, and bright sunshine were the perfect recipe for a gorgeous winter landscape.

We spotted a rock! It was a most impressive rock. The rock was a glacial boulder deposited by the last ice age.
Glacial boulder
Group admiring the boulder
Climbing Brown Hill
Beyond the boulder, we followed the Brown Hill Loop to the Summit Trail to the top of Brown Hill. The climb wasn't too steep but was a little slippery in spots due to the snow.
Climbing Brown Hill
View from Brown Hill summit At 1312 feet, the views were very nice! To the south we could see the hills on Worcester's outskirts, while Mt. Wachusett loomed large to the north.
Southern view View of Mt. Wachusett
Greg and Andrew On the Summit Trail, Greg and Andrew figure out our next move.
Beaver Bend Trail Eventually, we find our way down to the Beaver Bend Trail in hope of exploring the beaver meadow.
Hemlock branches Along the Heron Rookery Trail, piles of hemlock branches and porcupine poop. This can only mean one thing...
Porcupine Porcupine!!!!
Porcupine Gianna and Christian

Gianna and Christian make their way in with cameras for a closer shot. The porcupine was sooo cute! Despite all of our commotion, it never stirred from its afternoon nap.

Bare trees & blue skies
We finally reached the edge of the Beaver Meadow but the trail down to the brook running through it was closed. So we stayed to admire the view for a while before turning around.
Beaver meadow
Pasture Trail We hike though the fields along the Pasture Trail en route back to the visitors center.
Group on Pasture Trail Our group chillin' out on the Pasture Trail as we near the end of an amazing Sunday afternoon hike.

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