Trail Riding at
Bobby's Ranch

Westford, MA

October 5th, 2013

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Trail ride Our first trail riding venture to Bobby's Ranch last spring got such rave reviews that we knew we'd be back real soon. And the second trip did not disappoint! Of the dozen who saddled up this time were, some were very new and others experienced riders, but once on our horses it was smooth sailing as we were guided through many winding, woodland trails enveloped by great fall colors and perfect weather.
Kendall After an hour riding the trails, Kendall (right) along with Yaffa and Clark (below) make their way back to the ranch.
Yaffa Clark
Katie & goats Greg & goats Of course, riding horses was only half the fun. Afterward, we got to play with all the animals! The goats were a clear favorite, as Katie, Greg, Kendall and Yaffa demonstrate.
Kendall & goats Yaffa & goats
Kendall & Amy with kittens Not to be outdone, Kendall and Amy found the kittens to be irresistible!
Roosters Nearby, the roosters were out strutting their stuff...
Kitten ...and the kittens were watching.

One day this kitten will be able to get those roosters.

The ponies loved all the attention we gave them.

Pony Pony
Shyness Not so much this guy. He was being shy.
Amy with kitten Amy still loves the kittens! She wants to keep one of them forever.

And Ashley loves dogs! Who could resist those eyes.

Ashley & dog Too cute!

Selena takes over petting duty while we get our ducks in order.

Selena Ducks

Miranda makes the rounds, getting to know more of the ranch's four-legged residents.

Miranda Donkeys

Here he comes! As we gather for our group pose, one of the goats decides he wants in on the picture.

Here comes the goat Group with goat (and kitten)

And yes, Amy *is* in fact still holding a kitten!

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