Trail Riding at
Bobby's Ranch

Westford, MA

April 6th, 2013

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Ashley & goat This spring we wanted to try someplace new for trail riding and were thrilled to discover Bobby's Ranch! As our group arrived, we were greeted by a trio of ridiculously cute goats lounging in front of the stables. As Ashley and Therese tend to the goats, Maia keeps a nearby cat company as it rests in the sun.
Maia and cat Therese & goat
Horse Along with goats and kitties there were dogs, donkeys, ponies, and more. And of course, the main attraction: horses!

Safety first! Ashley and Maggie put on their fashonable riding helmets as we head toward the loading zone.

Ashley & Maggie Boarding ramp
Demi All aboard! The horses are lined up and Demi is ready to hit the trails.
Trail ride Out on the trails it's kinda tough to take pictures while riding horseback, but we managed to snap this one. We rode in a single file line and broke into 2 groups: one walk and trot and the other walking only.

The weather was a little cooler than we expected, but once we were out riding on in the wooded trail it seemed like a perfect spring day. The trail was in a nice forest area that really let us enjoy nature and a breath of fresh air while riding the wonderfully trained horses from the ranch.

After an hour long ride, we arrive back at the ranch in fine formation.

Riders returning to ranch Riders returning to ranch

Elvi and Cat handle their horses like pros.

Elvi Cat

Ditto for Daniela and Rahul.

Daniela Rahul
Group photo Our entire riding crew, along with a nice goat surprise and Mugsy (our mascot).

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