Trail Riding at Ridge Valley Stables

Grafton, MA

October 21st, 2012

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Group photo On a perfect autumn day, twelve of us eagerly set out, slowly making our way through beautiful woods, trotting the rocky trails, wading through a little stream, looking up at the rainbow-hued foliage - and the best part??? We all did it riding horseback! Ridge Valley Stables has great views along the trails and lovely (if not mischievous!) horses... like the one behind us oh so happily crashing our group photo.
Meeting the horses Meeting the horses Before saddling up, we had some time to check out the barn. Devra and Rachel make the rounds and say hello to some of the horses.

Gaia organized the trip for us. She hops aboard her horse along with Mugsy, who was proud to be on a horse for his very first time! Gaia and Rachel also loved the horse's soft, velvety mane.
Horse mane
Gaia and Mugsy on horse
Therese Joshua Prouder still, Therese over-
comes her fear of horsies! She and Joshua prepare for the ride.
Mel and Jen After an hour of trail-riding through forest and meadow and through mud, rocks, and water, we return to the stables. Mel, Jen, Rachel and Claire prepare to park their horses and head back to Clark.
Rachel Claire

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