Trail Riding at Ridge Valley Stables

Grafton, MA

November 6th, 2011

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Ridge Valley Stables Our club's first trail riding trip two years ago proved to be highly popular so we proceeded to do it again! This one got off to a shaky start due to the colossal October snowstorm which devastated trees and power lines, causing us to postpone our plans for a week. By then all the snow was gone and we arrived at Ridge Valley Stables on a gorgeous sunny Autumn day.
Group Nine of us rode in the morning followed by a second group of four in the afternoon. Here's our first group along with two horses who were more interested in eating hay than posing for the picture.

Getting paired with horses and saddled up, Clark and Ben take the reins.

Clark Ben

Gaia gets some instruction from the Ridge Valley staff, as Khaled pretends to be a knight riding into battle.

Gaia Khaled

Daniel organized the trip for us. His horse could blend right in with a herd of cows. At right, Daniel and Hoang trot through a water hole as the trail ride begins.

Daniel Daniel and Hoang

Returning from the ride, Zeenet, Gaia and Jana (left) along with Clark and Hoang (right) head back to the barn.

Zeenet, Gaia, and Jana Clark & Hoang

Hoang approaches the barn as Ema prepares to dismount. Her horse made sure we got his good side in the picture.

Hoang Ema
Finally, a couple of shots from the second group. Natasha makes friends with the horses in the barn and Catie enjoys the sunshine while her horse is busy grazing.

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