Swift River Reservation hike

Petersham, MA

Sunday October 16th, 2005

Swift River Thanks to the runoff from a heavy autumn rainstorm a day earlier, the Swift River definitely lived up to it's name during our visit.

Standing on the banks Crossing foot bridge

We hiked down to the river through the Nichewaug tract; the largest of the three tracts of land which compose the Swift River Reservation.

Our trail then paralleled the river for a good distance. Foot bridges helped us across the wet sections.

Swift River Downstream the rapids dissipated and the river's flow was not as turbulent.

Balancing act It's a bird... It's a plane... Its... Mark, recovering his balance after narrowly sidestepping hidden puddles in the middle of the trail. We encountered many of them as we left the river and climbed a long hill.

Rest stop Admiring the view

Reaching the top of the hill, Christian, Hannah, Sophie and Mark stop to rest.

A short distance later we were all admiring the view at a nice, east-facing vista.

Davis Tract vista This was our view from a west-facing vista in the Davis Tract, which we explored after finishing the Nichewaug tract. While climbing toward this vista, a flock of wild turkeys flew off as we approached.

On top of split boulder Group photo

Nearby, Sophie, Christian and Mark celebrate their conquest of a large split boulder.

All of us, ready to head home.

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