The Great Quinsig Canoe and Kayak Race

Shrewsbury, MA

Saturday September 17th, 2005

Racing kayaks Every fall, scores of paddlers converge on Lake Quinsigamond to take part in the Great Quinsig Canoe and Kayak Race. For some, it is a competitive race. For others, the goal is simply to finish the 5 mile course and have fun.

Northern view They descend from the north...

Southern view ...and loop back from the south.

Group photo The Outing Club had 15 paddlers in this year's event, our largest turnout in the three years we have participated. We had been braced for rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia, but the storm had sped past New England overnight. We were left with just cloudy skies and warm temperatures for the race, which we gladly welcomed.

Celia kayaking Five of us paddled kayaks, including Celia,

Phil and Camilla finishing the race Phil and Camilla,

Dani kayaking ...and Dani, who was a Quinsig veteran; participating this year for the second time.

Dani finishing the race She finished the race with a strong performance and a smile.

Jason and Luke Meanwhile, Jason, Luke and 8 others from our group paddled canoes. (At least they're supposed to be paddling their canoe!)

Jim and Amanda Jim and Amanda teamed up in one of Jim's own canoes.

Jim and Amanda They finished first place in the adult mixed recreational 2-person canoe category.

Medal winners After the race, they collected their medals along with Micah and Rachel (at left), who finished 3rd place in the same category.

Jess and Ashley Jess and Ashley pretended they were just a little bit tired by the end of the race, but we think they really wanted to do a second lap around the lake.

Molly and Ashley Molly and the other Ashley were having so much fun they didn't want the race to end.

Molly and Ashley Eventually it got lonely out there and they decided to come home.

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