Hike of Quabbin Reservoir

Ware, MA

October 3, 2010

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Quabbin Reservoir Magnificent views of a magnificent reservoir are what make our trip to the Quabbin most special. Walking across the half mile long Windsor Dam, we're captivated by the deep blue waters which stand majestically before us!

As we reach the front steps of the visitors center on the far side of the dam, the reservoir view framed by two flagpoles and a decorative brick wall is no less stunning. And looking back across the dam toward our starting point, we admire the beauty of Quabbin Park which we are about to hike.
Quabbin Reservoir from visitors center Quabbin Park and Windsor Dam
Group Standing above the reservoir with an onshore breeze in our faces, whitecaps glistening in the sunshine, and wind driven waves slapping against the shore, we imagine ourselves on the coast of an ocean or the Great Lakes rather than nestled in a small central Massachusetts town. It almost feels surreal.
Quabbin Tower After walking back across the dam, we proceed up Quabbin Hill to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the lookout tower. Even at this height though, we only see small slivers of the massive reservoir's nearly 40 square miles of surface area.
View from Quabbin Tower
Emma and Chau
From the top of the tower, Emma and Chau (left) and Zach, Sarah and Christy (below) gaze out at the landscape.
Zach, Sarah and Christy
View from Enfield Lookout We leave the Quabbin Hill summit and hike down to Enfield Lookout, where we enjoy another breathtaking vista.

Below, Sarah, Natasha and Emma marvel at the scenery from one of the lookout's benches. Off in the distance, Mt. Monadnock looms large above the horizon.
View from Enfield Lookout Sarah, Natasha, and Emma

From Enfield Lookout, we hike down the trail toward the water's edge. The bright, colorful vegetation just below the lookout is another compelling sight to see.

Trail below Enfield Lookout Vegetation below Enfield Lookout
Quabbin Reservoir At water's edge, we experience the Quabbin up close and personal.
Reservoir banks We explore the rocky banks, which offer a nice staging area to view the surroundings. When the reservoir is at full capacity, these banks would be underwater.
Zach, Chau, Natasha, Sarah and Emma Zach, Chau, Natasha, Sarah and Emma take a break at the reservoir's edge.

Continuing our hike along the old Spencer Road, we pass one of many cellar holes which still remain from the pre-Quabbin days. The western Massachusetts towns of Prescott, Dana, Greenwich, and Enfield were "disincorporated" in the 1930's to make way for the reservoir's construction. Old roads and cellar holes are all that's left.

Cellar hole Old Spencer Road
Zach, Sarah and Emma
Zach, Sarah and Emma pass beneath a gateway created by a fallen tree as we complete the final leg of our 5 miles of walking and hiking.
Quabbin Hill

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