Hike of Peaked Mountain

Monson, MA

August 29, 2010

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Peaked Mountain summit From the looks of it, the view from Peaked Mountain's summit is just plain awesome. That's exactly what we thought when we got there, and spent plenty of time enjoying it. Below, Libby and Kirsten keep watch to the northeast and southeast respectively.
Libby Kirsten
Andrew and Eric To get to the summit we had to hike uphill, a task which Andrew and Eric contemplate quite seriously!
Frog On the way, we stopped at Fire Pond, a tiny oasis which is home to tons of frogs and other critters. It's only about 50 feet across but has more wildlife per liter than just about any pond we've seen.
Fire Pond Deanna, Libby and Greg explore the banks of Fire Pond.

Up at the summit we spotted a moose on some rocks. It turned out to be Mugsy, our mascot!
Seble and Mugsy
Mugsy Moose
Helen got inquisitive and decided to check out the contents of the summit's letterbox, while Rachael, Libby and Andrew perched themselves on the mountain's edge.
Rachael, Libby and Andrew
Seble and Kirsten
Seble and Kirsten hike down from the summit along the Valley View Trail, which led to a second, west-facing vista. After completing our loop on the mountain, we hiked down to Lunden Pond in the adjacent Millers Forest Tract.
Lunden Pond
Group at Lunden Pond Our group, taking a break on the north side of Lunden Pond. It was a hot and humid day, but we still managed to cover a good 5 miles of trail by the time our hike was done.
Helen Helen is making waves.
Group in Lunden Pond Andrew, Jill, Therese and Helen cooling off in a fashionable sort of way.
16 All thirteen of us as we emerged from Millers Forest on the homestretch of our hike.

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