Hike of Mt. Grace

Warwick, MA

Sunday October 28th, 2007

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Lunch on the summit What do you do when your club has already climbed the two highest mountains in Massachusetts east of the Connectiut River (Mt. Wachusett & Mt. Watatic)? You go out and climb the third highest, of course! That's exactly what we accomplished on our trek up the 1,621 foot Mt. Grace along the Metacomet-Monadnock trail. It's located in rural Warwick, MA, just below the New Hampshire border and about 6 miles from the Connecticut River. When we reached the summit, or first objective was having lunch!.
Fire tower Climbing the fire tower There wasn't much of a view from the ground, so after lunch we climbed the stairs of the mountain's fire tower to get above the trees.

It was a very blustery at the top! Greg and Juliana brave the winds to enjoy the amazing, panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

Greg and Juliana at top of stairs View from fire tower stairs

We could easily see Mt. Greylock (the highest peak in Massachusetts) as well as the hills of southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Our view of Mt. Monadnock (at right) was particularly impressive!

View from fire tower stairs View of Mt. Monadnock from fire tower stairs
Group in field After completing our 4-mile loop, we emerged into a huge grassy field at the end of the trail.

Just chillin' on the fluffy grass: Willa and Erin (left), and Juliana and Angela (right).

Willa and Erin Juliana and Angela

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