Hike of Moore State Park

Paxton, MA

Sunday October 9th, 2005

Moore State Park The 400 acre Moore State Park located just a few miles west of Worcester is the site of an 18th century grist mill. It's beautiful waterfalls, restored saw mill, and abundant wildflowers in the spring make it one of Massachusetts' prettiest outdoor recreation areas. We had been scheduled to hike the 7-mile lakeshore trail around Buffumville Lake in Charlton, but decided upon Moore State Park instead due to the very damp weather and the small size of our group.

Torrent of water It was an exciting day to visit Moore. The runoff of several inches of rain from the prior day's storm had turned Turkey Hill Brook into a raging torrent of water as it tumbled 90 feet through the park's waterfalls and down a steep embankment. We could hear the water's deafening roar hundreds of yards away.

Hikers on the bridge Hannah, Sophie and Greg pause on a wooden foot bridge above the brook right between two of the park's waterfalls.

Waterfall The uppermost waterfall tumbles beneath a covered foot bridge.

Covered bridge and pond Rising above Eames Pond, the bridge is one of the Moore State Park's most picturesque sights.

Turkey Brook Hannah and Sophie

Left: A view of Turkey Brook from beside the covered bridge.

Right: Hannah and Sophie pose along a path just downstream from the bridge.

Stone wall in woods The surroundings became much more tranquil as we hiked away from the brook along the park's woodland trails. Telltale New England stone walls left over from the region's agricultural era passed among the trees.

Tree-lined path Old tree Later, we found ourselves on a beautiful tree-lined dirt road as we proceeded down the Davis Road trail. The few aged trees stood in stark contrast to the relatively young woods surrounding them.

Green field Rounding out the landscape were lush green fields. We hiked across this one on top of Davis Hill.

butterfly snake The wildlife we spotted on our hike ranged from butterflies to snakes.

Cascades Waterfall Cascades Waterfall On our way home we stopped to check out Worcester's Cascades waterfall, which also had a very impressive flow from all the rain.

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