Hike of Mt. Monadnock

Jaffrey, NH

Tuesday October 13th, 2009

Climbing Mt. Monadnock was quite often a 4-legged operation, including portions of the Cliff walk trail (below) and Fairy Spring Trail (right). The ladder was a rare luxury; scrambling up and over rocky ledges was much more typical of our route to the summit.

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Jeremy and Liz on the Cliff Walk trail
Beverlie climbing a wooden ladder on Cliff Walk trail

We ascended on a roundabout route, passing Pt. Surprise, Fairy Spring, and Monte Rosa on our way to the summit. Below, Therese and Beverlie pause to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings at Fairy Spring, while a well camouflaged trail sign just ahead pointed us in the right direction.

Therese and Beverlie Trail sign
The morning rain ended just before our hike, but it left plenty of clouds in its wake. We met them halfway up the mountain. With his head in the clouds, David seems to be right at home. David
Monte Rosa We reached Monte Rosa (a peak on the southwest slope below the summit) and were greeted by a blustery cold wind and thickening clouds blowing all around us. Jeremy, David, Liz, Therese, Beverlie and Sean stand beneath Monte Rosa's landmark weathervane, a replica of the original one which had been put there as a wind indicator visible from the old Halfway House.
Sean Sean stands atop some rocks at Monte Rosa as we attempt to get our bearings.
Smith Summit Trail Nearing the summit from the west, the blustery winds intensified.
descent The mountaintop was even more blustery and cold. We braved it for as long as we dared, and then began our descent along the white dot trail.
group All of us, down from the summit a stretch but still up in the clouds.

As we continued our descent, the landscape beneath the dark cloud layer began to reappear.

landscape below clouds landscape below clouds
TEXT Liz and David on the White Dot trial. Back down on planet Earth, things were looking a little brighter.
Beverlie rocky pass Beverlie, Jeremy and Sean climb down through a rocky pass as David waits patiently below.

With visibility improving toward the end of our hike, the bright fall foliage gave us quite a display!

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