Mt. Greylock Fall Break
Camping Trip

Adams, MA

Sunday Oct. 9th - Monday Oct. 10th, 2005
(photos by Alek Shapiro '08)

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Our group We had planned to begin our fall break camping trip on Saturday afternoon Oct. 8th, but due to severe weather and flooding in western MA we decided to get an early start on Sunday morning instead.

When the eleven of us arrived at the mountain, we couldn't reach our camp because the road had washed out in the heavy rain the night before. So we had egg sandwiches in the parking lot, packed lunches, and started climbing Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. On the summit there were no views to be had, but there was a lodge that was open with a fire going - a very nice stop for lunch. We climbed the war veteran memorial tower but it was so foggy all we could see out of the windows was fog. We couldn't even see the ground!

The road still was not repaired when we hiked down, so we ended up setting up our tents in the parking lot. It was actually pretty comfortable. We got drizzled on a little, but the fire was warm. It was not the best weekend for views, but we sure saw a lot of colorful leaves. - Steph Oleksyk

Alek & stick With newfound hiking stick in hand, Alek is ready to tackle the mountain.

Resting by the stream Water everywhere! Although the rains had subsided, the runoff was flowing full force. Malini, Prae and Aran rest next to an outfall pipe that channels one of the streams.

We would encounter many more rapidly flowing streams during our journey.

Prae Alek Stream crossing

Malini & Prae Malini and Prae enjoying lunch along the trail.

Pond We came upon this pond as we headed toward the summit.

Appalachian Trail Danielle, Dan, Elizabeth and Alina hitchin' a ride on the A.T.

Lighthouse war memorial Aran, Prae, Malini

Reaching the summit, we approach the lighthouse war memorial, shrounded in fog.

(right) Aran, Prae and Malini prepare to enter the memorial. From the top, we could see nothing out the windows except for fog.

Malini & Aran Malini and Aran playing Frisbee on the foggy summit.

Alina & Steph "Fire Woman" Back at our parking lot campsite, Alina and Steph cook dinner while "fire woman" makes fire.

Chopped onions Mmmm...

Dinner around the campfire Hot'n'spicy sandwiches around the campfire - the perfect antidote to a cool and drizzly night. Believe it or not, we picked the good day to go camping. After we got home, it rained for a whole week!

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