Mount Greylock

Our first camping adventure

October 19-21, 2003

Greylock camping group photoBy the fall semester of 2003, our club was a year old and we were ready to reach for new heights. So we set our sights on the tallest mountain in Massachusetts: Mt. Greylock. Josh (pictured at far left) graciously organized this 3-day mid-semester break camping trip at Mt. Greylock State Reservation, located in Adams, MA in the northwest corner of the state.

Chester in the snow When we got there we were met by an early season snowfall. Chester practically vanished before our eyes. Do you see him?

Hiking among snowy pinesThe snow was very scenic though.

Campsite and tents We found our campsite. Setting up the tents was a piece of cake! (Well, at least some of us thought so.)

Josh with appetiteBy nightfall Josh had worked up an appetite.

Sitting around the campfire Happiness is a warm campfire.

Hiking in the mountains Climbing to the summit...

View from summit A great view awaited us.

Tossing troy overboard When the time came to thin the herd, Troy was the first to get voted off the mountain.

Friends on the summit Bonding on the summit...

Group at the campsite ...and at the campsite.

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