Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Holden, MA

Mugsy's first hike!!

March 28th, 2010

Meet Mugsy Moose, our new official Outing Club mascot! Mugsy was born in a moment of inspiration on a recent warm and sunny afternoon out on the green. He couldn't wait to go hiking with all of his new friends, so we brought him out to the trails of Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary in Holden.

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Jill, Mugsy and Andrew
Mugsy Moose
Jill and Mugsy
Mugsy had a little help from Jill as we hiked along the beautiful twisty trails. He was keeping a sharp lookout because the sign said the sanctuary attracts moose and he wanted to meet them.
Greg, Allyson, Kirsten, Alison, and Olivia
Therese, Jill, Andrew, Olivia and Kirsten at the lake Therese leads us along the way as we get our first glimpse of the lovely Eagle Lake.
Hollow tree Hollow tree Down by the lake we found a big hollow tree and Mugsy wanted to see what was inside. He was just a little too short to reach the opening on his own, so he got a boost from Andrew and Therese.
Mugsy and the hollow tree
Asnebumskit Brook Later we stopped to explore Asnebumskit Brook. The typically tranquil stream had swelled and was flowing very swiftly due to all the recent rain.
Andrew out on a limb Andrew is adventurous and decides to go out on a limb.
Andrew on the limb Steady...
Andrew and Therese on the limb Andrew and Therese perfectly perched above the brook. Nobody fell in :-)

Mugsy loved the brook too, but chose to stay safely on shore and hang out with Greg and Jill.

Mugsy and Greg Mugsy and Jill
Jill, Therese and the split tree As we neared the end of our hike, we stopped to investigate a tree which had split in three.
Jill, Greg, Olivia and Allyson examine the tree Jill, Greg, Olivia and Allyson are debating how the three pieces fit together.
Group All nine of us at Eagle Lake.

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