Hike of Boynton/Cascades Park

Worcester, Holden & Paxton, MA

September 5th, 2010

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Group 1 Our annual fall hike of Worcester's Boynton/Cascades Park is always a popular kick-off event. This time though, we pulled out all the stops and amassed 36 participants, shattering our longstanding 8-year-old record of 34 for largest Outing Club trip. In an elegantly orchestrated maneuver, our eager hikers descended upon the park in three waves. Nate and Aysha led the first group into the wilderness (right), followed a half hour later by Maddie and Jill with the second group (below), and then by Therese and Andrew with the third (below, right).
Group 2 Group 3

Below, group 2 climbs the steep Cascades Trail and enjoys the fresh air out in the woods.

Group 2 Group 2

Later, they stop for a hiking break. Shannon and Catherine lay claim to the wooden bench while Ben, Elliot and Gabe peruse the trail map.

Shannon and Catherine Ben, Elliot and Gabe
Culvert Andrew, Hannah and Colin Group 3 contained the crazed, hard-core adventurers. Once they spotted the stream culvert, they just couldn't resist crawling through on their hands and knees.

Sewer rat wanna-be's: Hannah, Deanna, Katie and Ginny make themselves right at home in the culvert as Andrew explores a mysterious side passage.
Hannah, Deanna, Katie and Ginny

After emerging from the depths of the culvert, the group scaled the two halves of Cascades' famed split boulder. On the right half, Colin figures out that climbing back down is the tricky part!

Split Boulder Colin

Deeper into park's untamed wilderness, Andrew, Greg, Therese, Deanna and Libby corral a wild animal. At right, Libby, Therese and Hannah keep a watchful eye for more.
Libby, Therese and Hannah
Corraling a wild animal
Meanwhile, group 1 takes a break midway through their hike near the Boynton Park trailhead. At right, Kathryn and Sarah hang out further downstream on the bridge below the Cascades Waterfall. Without any recent rain, the waterfall was completely dry. Kathryn and Sarah
Group 1

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