Hike of Boynton/Cascades Park

Worcester, Holden & Paxton, MA

September 12th & 13th, 2009

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Cascades Waterfall Back in the spring we spent Just Do It Day at Boynton/Cascades Park cleaning up from December's huge ice storm. The fruit of our labor and that of the many other volunteers who helped restore the park in the storm's aftermath was quite apparent as we returned there for our annual fall visit. Due to strong demand, we organized hikes on both Saturday and Sunday this year.
Group Saturday's group was greeted with overcast skies and drizzle along with a passing shower toward the end of our hike, but the damp conditions definitely didn't dampen our spirits.
trail We'd learned from experience that in wet weather, Boynton/Cascades has its own special charm.
Sophie The woods were a bit buggy. David convinced us that wearing ferns on our heads would fend off mosquitoes. Presumably, they'd be laughing so hard that they couldn't bite anyone.
Alexander, Kenzie, David & Sophie The ferns caused strange things to happen.
swings Near the ball field, Elena, Sophie and Fabia have some fun on the swings.
Group on split boulder Elena, Alexandra, Bridget, Sophie, Karissa and Greg climbed the easy half of Split Boulder, one of the park's notable attractions.
group The weather cleared up overnight, and Sunday's group was rewarded with blue skies and sunshine.
Stephanie Stephanie & Greg This time, Stephanie bravely climbed the difficult half of Split Boulder, and gets a little support from Greg on the way down.

At the amphitheater, a wild creature emerges from the depths of the stream bed. Claudia is amused.
Kirsten and Jenny Kirsten and Jenny watch the spectacle from the bench.

Naturally there were frogs... and more frogs.

frog frog

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