Acadia National Park
Camping & Hiking Trip

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Friday April 13th - Sunday April 15th, 2007

Group climbing Cadillac Mountain Ahh, Acadia National Park! Even the name conjures up images of magnificence; the very magnificence which we eagerly anticipated as we loaded up the van on on a fine Friday afternoon and set out on our weekend camping and hiking adventure. Needless to say, we were't disappointed. Here's our lovely group a day later, hiking our way toward the top of Cadillac Mountain. The second half of the ascent was very scenic as there was no tree cover and we'd cross multiple peaks enroute to the summit.

Winding trail The long winding journey ahead of us. We all agreed that this part of the hike resembled the long trek in Lord of the Rings. And yes, spring takes just a wee bit longer to arrive way up here.

Philip and Boyd The snow and ice actually made a very nice winter wonderland...

Philip and Boyd ...which Philip and Boyd explore.

Gunther Gretchen When we came upon a bit of a drop with a powdery soft snow cushion below, Gunther and Gretchen couldn't resist having a little fun!

Boyd with ice pistol Boyd, Dan, and Mike on the rock Boyd decided to be adventurous and peel the ice from a tree. Here he stands with the ice piece that resembles a gun. At right, he's joined by Dan and Mike up on a large rock. They were trying to take over the mountain.

Scenic view Our entire hike was very scenic. There were many places that we stopped to just take in our surroundings (and to take photos!)
Group on the summit Here we are! We finally made it to the top of Cadillac Mountain. It was especially windy at the top and we all of a sudden started to feel the cold weather that accomplanied the snow we treked through. But it was worth it. On Sunday a strong nor'easter was bearing down on New England and we ran into a little snow and a lot of rain on the drive home. Our stay at Acadia though was fantastic.

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