Porcupine Hill & Potter Sanctuary

Holden, MA

March 12th, 2016

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group With spring break actually accompanied by spring-like weather for a change, the six of us set out to explore this nearby destination which our club had never before visited. Trails skillfully blazed by the White Oak Land Conservation Society looped across the Porcupine Hill summit in figure eight patterns, with twists and turns and ups and downs aplenty, giving us a sensation of being one with nature, rather than simply passing through it. Our handy trail map ensured that we followed every single loop and didn't miss a thing.

The narrow, winding trails passes through a vast sea of mountain laurel, one of the thickest we'd ever encountered.

mountain laurel group passing through mountain laurel
moss On the ground, patches of thick moss draw our attention as well.
outcrop Approaching the top of Procupine Hill, we encounter a number of rocky outcrops, some covered in lichen like these.
trees & sky Above our heads, the still bare trees on the Porcupine Hill summit allow plenty of sunshine to filter through.

Asnebmumskit Pond came into view as we hiked the Newton Trail through Potter Sanctuary. We deviate slightly from the trail to check out the pond's edge.

Asnebumskit Pond
With the stalks along the pond's edge flexing in the breeze and the sounds of water splashing against the rocks and wind rushing through the trees, we relaxed at the pond's edge for a little while to enjoy the peaceful scene.
Asnebumskit Pond

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