Rock House Reservation

West Brookfield, MA

March 28th, 2015

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Snow-covered trees Rain, wind and and an icy fog awaited us along the coast for our planned hike of World's End Reservation, so we decided to head off in the opposite direction instead to the lovely, snowy, woods of Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield. The overnight storm had tapered to just a very light snowfall as we arrived, but it had painted all of the trees a beautiful, glistening white.

Our first order of business was to check out the Rock House, a thirty foot high rock enclosure which Native Americans had used for centuries as a winter camp. Rose's climbing instincts kick in as she susses out potential routes up the Rock House's overhanging walls.

Group at Rock House Rose
Maddie, Akriti & Emily We choose to follow the path instead to the top of the Rock House. Maddie lends a hand to Akriti as we make our way up the snow-covered rocks.
Group above Rock House On top of the Rock House, we gather for a group photo.
Rose in the museum From there we continue along the path to the open air trailside museum overlooking Carter Pond. Rose scopes out the inside while the rest of us are out on the porch admiring the view.
View out the window View of Carter Pond Views out the museum's window and from the porch overlooking the frozen Carter Pond, with its famed boulder visible in the distance.

Leaving the Trailside Museum we ventured up to Balance Rock, a large glacial erratic atop a rocky outcrop. Rose and Donovan climb aboard in a valiant but wholly unsuccessful attempt to roll it over.
Donovan & Rose on Balance Rock
Group climbing up to Balance Rock
Rose & Greg on boulder
Further up the Fullam Loop Trail, Rose and Greg find another glacial erratic to climb atop, and address the rest of our group way down below.
Group on the trail
Maddie & Donovan Maddie and Donovan enjoy the peacefulness of the snow-covered landscape.
Group approaching Carter Pond Rejoining the Inner Loop Trail, we round the bend back toward Carter Pond on the final stretch of our hike.
Boulder in pond We spot the Carter Pond boulder again, up-close this time!

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