Whitewater Rafting on the
Kennebec River

The Forks, Maine

September 20th - 21st, 2014

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Roisin & Stefan YEAH... WE'RE GOING RAFTING!!!!!!!!!!

Roisin and Stefan are elated to be on the road to Maine for our annual fall whitewater rafting trip! As one can imagine, the long voyage north served as intensive bonding time for our group to get to know one another.
Arriving at Maine's Indian Pond Campground, we set up camp in record time! Maddie and Eunice are pumped about it... wat up?!? And as the daylight faded the especially adventurous among us went wading into in the pond. pond wading
Maddie and Eunice
campfire We huddled around the campfire that night sharing stories from our past and worrying about the intensity of our trip the next day. As the fire died down a handful of us went for a late night swim in Indian Pond, while those who chose to hunker down in the tents stayed considerably warmer!

Arriving at the Crabapple Whitewater Rafting base on the Kennebec River bright and early Sunday morning, we got into on our gear, struck a ninja pose, and hopped aboard the bus for the launch site.
bus ride
ninja pose

We carry our raft down to the river and prepare to launch, with a big shout-out to Sarah, our rafting guide.

Raft Group at launch site
Kennebec River Out on the river, the real fun begins.
Rafting on the Kennebec Gaaahhhhh... rapids ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafting on the Kennebec Whew... rapids behind us now!
Waterfall Yeaahhh... let's hit the showers! At a rest stop where a waterfall flows into the Kennebec, we take the plunge!
waterfall Our group having fun on the waterfall. Those wetsuits came in handy!
In the gentler currents we got to jump out of the boat and swim down the river. It was most invigorating. You can see more of it in our completely awesome 72 second
Rafting on the Kennebec River video.
swimming in the Kennebec
swimming in the Kennebec
group back in raft Exhausted from all the swimming, we climb back into the raft for the final leg of our journey back to the Crab Apple Whitewater lodge where a pool, hot tub, and delicious lunch awaited us!

At the lodge, Rose makes a new friend poolside. And the hot tub was a hot attraction too!
hot tub
group at Crab Apple Whitewater Our whole group on the front steps of Crab Apple Whitewater, getting ready for the long journey back to Clark. The trip back lasted into the late hours of the night, with a stop at Stefan's house in NH for a wonderful backyard barbecue and campfire. Arriving back at Clark we parted ways; tired, happy, and eager to share stories of our exciting weekend adventure.

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