Earth Day Clean-up at
Cascades East

Worcester, MA

April 12th, 2014

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Tire Mountain We don't often hike up a mountain that we built ourselves, but that was indeed the case this time at the Greater Worcester Land Trust (GWLT) Cascades East Earth Day clean-up. The site was among dozens being cleaned by volunteers taking part in Worcester's annual citywide Earth Day clean-ups.

Wasting no time, Katie and Assaf head deep into the woods and begin hauling out tires that had been thoughtlessly discarded decades ago.

Katie carrying tire Katie finds a tire Katie & Assaf
Katie & Assaf Stefan After carrying dozens of tires, Katie and Assaf are in fine form while Stefan carries even more tires through the muck and up to the trail.
Once our tire mission was complete, we switched to scrap metal. Assaf shows off the 1963 Massachusetts license plate we found. Looks like it's been there a while. And Stefan navigates one of our wheelbarrows full of scrap metal out to the trailhead. Stefan with wheelbarrow
Assaf & license plate

At the trailhead, other GWLT volunteers had amassed a sizeable pile of trash and were using a sledge hammer to compress the larger pieces of scrap metal before loading them into the truck for recycling. It was the second truckload of the morning.

Trash pile Scrap metal
Tire mountain But our mountain of tires loomed largest. After the trucks began hauling everything away, we proceeded to the GWLT Cascading Waters Lodge with the other volunteers to relax and enjoy a barbecue lunch.

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