Acadia National Park
Camping & Hiking Trip

Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Saturday October 11th - Tuesday October 14th, 2014

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campsite Most of day one (Saturday) was spent in our van headed north on the long drive to Acadia National Park for our highly anticipated fall break adventure! Arriving at our campsite, we had a race to see which group could set up their tent the fastest. Rosie, Roisin, Rose, and Mica demonstrate their incredible teamwork!

We then retreated to the coast to scope out the surroundings and enjoy the awesome views. Sam, Roisin, Rosie, and Rose are hanging out at a nice chill spot on the rocks. We stayed there 'til the sun went down and could not wait to see what the rest of the park had to offer in the days to come.
group at coastline
hot dog roast Day two (Sunday) began bright and early at the campsite with Roisin, Rosie, Donovan and Rose roasting hot dogs over the fire. Who doesn't love hot dogs at 8am??? We were super eager to set out and explore!
The Beehive was our first destination of the day. We conquer it handily with our skillful climbing. The clear skies and gorgeous summit view made the effort totally worthwhile! Alex even hopped atop the summit marker post for a few feet of added elevation. Alex on summit post
Group on The Beehive
Rosie and Roisin Alex wading After climbing down from The Beehive we return to the coast, where Rose bravely mounts a rock pillar (not as dicey as it looks) and Alex takes advantage of low tide to wade across the frigid water.
TEXT Day three (Monday) begins with a hike up Champlain Mountain via the Precipice Trail, the most challenging of our climbs. Reaching the summit, Roisin admires the wide open view.

A group photo atop Champlain Mountain, and another of Rosie and Roisin with the summit trail sign.
Rosie and Roisin
Group on The Beehive
View from North Bubble There's no such thing as too many summits, so we decide to tackle The Bubbles as well. Here's our gorgeous view from North Bubble.
Rose and Donovan pushing Bubble Rock Rose and Donovan do what all South Bubble visitors do: attempt to push Bubble Rock off of the summit. Incredibly, nobody has ever succeeded. We can't imagine why!
Day four (Tuesday) was our sad goodbye to Acadia and our long drive home. But first, Donovan, Roisin, Rose and Mica are on Cadillac Mountain well before the crack of dawn along with the rest of us to watch the first sunrise in the US. It was a great finale to a great trip! Donovan, Roisin, Rose and Mica
Cadillac Mountain sunrise

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