• Policy Name: International Travel Policy

  • International Travel Policy


    Clark University supports faculty, staff, and student participation in international activities and promotes the development of opportunities for international study and research. To this end, the University attempts to balance the value of participation in international activities against potential risks and crises that may develop. The University also seeks to provide resources to assist students, faculty and staff in preparing for safe and successful international travel.

    This policy sets forth the requirements that students, faculty and staff must meet before and during University-related international travel. This policy applies to international travel to both travel warning countries and non-travel warning countries. This policy does not apply to personal travel undertaken by students, faculty or staff.

    Students who are studying abroad through Study Abroad and Study Away Programs established by the Office of Study Abroad Programs (OSAP) are also subject to the policies and procedures of OSAP. In the event that these policies conflict or overlap, OSAP policies will take precedent over this policy.

    Policy Statement

    While the University supports international travel by faculty, students, and staff, it also recognizes the risks associated with such travel. The University reserves the right to restrict, deny, or postpone any University sponsored or supported international travel program or activity if it determines the risk of travel is unacceptable.

    This policy will be posted on the Clark website and made available to every person traveling abroad for any Clark sponsored program or activity. University faculty, staff, and students who do not follow this policy will bear full responsibility for any liability resulting from their travel.

    Clark University reserves the right to change this policy and related procedures in light of changing circumstances affecting travel, safety, health, or other matters related to the best interest of the University.

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    Required University Approval or Notification

    Travel Warning Countries

    Health Insurance

    Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk

    Safety & Orientation