Workplace Principles

    Clark University believes that all employees are entitled to a safe workplace free from harassment, discrimination and intimidation. The University holds dear its belief in free association, free speech, fairness in all dealings, and maintaining the dignity and respect of all who work here. The University has always been receptive to a diversity of views.

    The University is committed to the following fundamental employment and labor principles:

    Equal Opportunity — Clark University is firmly committed to the practice of equal employment opportunity. The University will administer its personnel policies and conduct its employment practices in a manner which treats each employee and applicants for employment and advancement on the basis of merit, experience, and other work-related criteria without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected class under relevant state and federal laws. The University is further committed to the practice of affirmative action in accordance with the law to assure the most representative applicant pool and workforce. Clark strives to increase the presence and participation of under-represented groups by its aggressive recruitment procedures to attract and hire the best-qualified applicants, and values diversity among its faculty, staff and students.

    Freedom of Association/Right to Organize — The University recognizes and respects the right of workers to choose whether or not to be represented through collective bargaining. The University will abide by the terms of the National Labor Relation Act with regard to recognizing a union chosen by Clark employees. The University will bargain in good faith with union representatives in accordance with the Act. Workers must be free to make choices about union representation, or express their views, without harassment, intimidation or retaliation by management or union organizers, or supporters of either.

    Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment — It is the policy of Clark University that all our faculty, staff and students should enjoy an environment free of discrimination and harassment. This policy includes, but is not limited to, harassment and/or discrimination in the following areas: age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, union affiliation, handicap and veteran status.

    Permissible Solicitation — As stated in the University's solicitation policy, solicitation and/or distribution of materials regarding non-University sponsored programs or activities is permitted as long as the solicitation does not result in disruption of, or interference with, the University's educational or administrative activities. Employees have the right to conduct their work without being solicited by outside organizations.

    Campus Minimum Wage — The University maintains a minimum wage and compensation policy for qualifying employees. Qualifying employees are all full-time, non-student employees of the University who have worked on the Clark University campus on a continuing basis for a minimum of two years and who are in good standing with regard to work performance. The hourly minimum wage for qualifying employees will be indexed to the Federal poverty standard for a family of four and adjusted annually in line with that standard. Based on 2016 data, the minimum wage for qualifying employees would be $11.70 an hour.

    Applicability to Contractors — Contractors that have employees working on the Clark campus on a regular daily basis will be contractually bound to understand and apply these principles and the expectations that go with them to their employees working on the Clark campus. Contractors are free to use any method authorized by the National Labor Relations Board in determining whether or not to recognize a union.

    Standards of Conduct — Clark employees are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and to accept responsibility for the appropriateness of their own conduct, and to exhibit a high degree of personal and professional integrity at all times. The University expects everyone to adhere to the following general principles:

    • Observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times.
    • Perform responsibilities in a manner consistent with our values.
    • Comply with all laws applicable to the University.
    • Treat others, including students, vendors, faculty and staff, with dignity and respect.

    Timely and Consistent Dispute Resolution — Concerns arising from implementation of these principles are to be addressed through existing University policies and procedures, as contained in the administration, staff, and physical plant handbooks, the University Police contract, and the Faculty Handbook.

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