Clark University Recycling Guidelines

    Recycling Guide: Short Version for the full list, see below...

    Sustainable Clark Recycles: Paper, Cardboard, Metal & Glass, Electronics, Batteries, Bulbs, and ALL Plastics #1 - #7 (these are the stiff, hard ones - not squishy)

    Not only is recycling good for the environment and the economy, it's actually illegal not to recycle most of these things! Plus Clark gets direct financial benefit from managing recycleables as the valuable commodities they are. Many other things can be donated or recycled. See the list below for more than 20 other categories & information. If you can't find it on the list or have questions about what can and cannot be recycled, contact Sustainable Clark 508-793-7601. For an emergency pick up or top report a problem, contact Facilities Management at 508-793-7566.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Rethink ways you can Reduce: consider packaging when you purchase, bring a cloth bag or just carry a few items, request that on-line shipments be packed in recycled paper - just a few examples! Reuse donate any and all gently-used unwanted items to Clark's student-run Community Thrift Store. They will find a good home, benefit sustaianbility and student run ventures, build local economies, and you will get a store discount coupon! Recycle and Compost all you can!

    Recycling bins for mixed clean paper and plastic/metal/glass are located throughout the Clark campus in residence halls, academic buildings, administrative offices, and common areas. Compost bins for organic materials are located in the UC, the AC and residence halls. Faculty and staff offices are provided blue deskside bins for paper and are welcome to designate a box or trash can for recycling plastic/metal/glass - custodians will collect and consolidate recyclables in the building's central recycling area.

    Please use the recycling bins! You know it's the right thing to do! A recycling bin is never very far away.

    The student Recycling Crew picks up recyclables from every campus building once a week during the academic year. If you need an emergency pick-up please call Facilities Management 508.793.7566. For questions about what can and cannot be recycled at Clark

    Clark's Recycling Center, located at 501 Park Avenue, collects and processes campus recycling. It also handles responsible recycling of hazardous materials such as florescent light bulbs; electronic waste such as computers (also called e-waste); bulky metal items such as desks. Disposal of oils, solvents, paints and chemicals is managed according to regulations by Facilities Management staff. Please call Facilities Management at 508.793.7566 for pick-up of any of these items.

    Clark Dining Services composts all used paper goods (like napkins), food scraps from the kitchen and the cafeteria, and compostable containers, cups and cutlery from the cafes. Please use the slots labeled compost for all of these items when eating in Jazzman's or the Bistro. If it was ever alive, you can compost it!

    Clark Composts! Compost bins are all over the UC and the AC, and more bins are located in kitchens and hallways of all residence halls. If you live off-campus, pick up a biodegradable bag from the Help Desk in the UC or use your own container, and bring your organic materials to the compost bins in the AC or UC. Designed, tested and funded by Clark students from 2011-2016, Clark Composts! enables us to divert even more from landfill. Soiled paper, Bistro containers, dryer lint - the list goes on! If it was ever alive, you can compost it!

    Recycling off campus The city of Worcester supports single-stream recycling (combined paper, plastic, glass & metal in one receptacle), and you can get a free recyling bin for curbside pick up. Ask your landlord or search the web for 'Worcester city recycling program'.

    Items You Can Recycle & Donate for Re-Use

    Paper copy paper, office paper, notebook paper, folders, envelopes, mail, magazines, glossy paper, tissue, newspaper, packaging, paper bags, colored paper, sticky notes. "If you can rip it, you can recycle it"!

    bins marked 'Paper' throughout campus: paper clips, staples OK

    TIP: use the blank side for scrap paper

    Please no food, wet paper or grease! Compost these items!

    Confidential paper records paper that includes personal or confidential information must be shredded take to secure lock boxes on campus for ShredIt shredding service (call ITS for locations) - it is recycled
    Cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, paperboard (thin cardboard like cereal boxes), milk and juice cartons, packaging, liners, pizza boxes, tubes (like inside paper towels), egg cartons place next to 'Paper' recycling bins, remove inner plastic liners from boxes. Please flatten boxes!
    Metal aluminum cans, soda cans, steel cans (like soup cans), tin foil, foil containers, lids, anything made of metal or with metal parts bins marked "Plastic, Metal, Glass"

    Please empty and rinse out cans!

    bottles, jars, containers

    NO lab glass, window glass or broken glass

    bins marked 'Plastic, Metal, Glass'; Caps/Lids on please

    Please empty and rinse out jars!

    Plastics #1 - #7

    (stiff, hard plastic)


    bottles, jars, yogurt cups, food containers, to-go containers, plastic cups & lids, milk jugs, blister packaging, coffee cup lids, detergent bottles, toothpaste and cosmetics tubes, utensils, anything made of STIFF plastic. (if you cannot squish it easily in one hand you can recycle it). bins marked "Plastic, Metal, Glass", caps on please

    Please empty and rinse out containers!
    Batteries dry cell, alkaline AA, AAA, C, D; 9-volt, cell phone, computer, game, watch, lithium, rechargeable, ni-cad blue barrels in University Center, Academic Commons
    Books all books: textbooks, reference books, fiction, non-fiction, workbooks, manuals, books on tape donate to our own Community Thrift Store during business hours or in their handy donation boxes in the UC & AC, or donate to Goddard Library for the book sale
    Clothing, Personal and Home Goods clothing, shoes, games, small appliances, toys, accessories, lamps, jewelry, linens, cooking stuff, china, glassware, art, books, music, school supplies, sports equipment, knick-knacks - just about anything! donate to Community Thrift Store during business hours: Weds-Sun, 12-4, 918 Main St. or a donation box at AC & UC

    TIP: additional donation boxes are in the res halls during move-out in April and 'Clark Collections' drives
    Office and School Supplies binders, folders, tape, staplers, organizers, electronics, paper, markers, etc. set up an in-office location to share your extra supplies OR donate to Community Thrift Store
    Plastic Bags shopping bags (Clark is plastic bag free - so why not use a cloth bag instead?)

    take to Price Chopper supermarket

    Fluorescent Light Bulbs overhead lights, tubes, ballasts, CFLs, squiggle bulbs (considered haz material)

    give to your custodian

    call Facilities Management 793.7566 for pick-up

    TIP: exchange a burned out incandescent buld for a free CFL at Physical Plant!

    Electronic Waste Clark-owned computers, office machines and small electronic items

    call ITS for possible re-use & repair, provide asset number

    contact Facilities Management for bulky pick up

    Electronic Waste privately owned computers, tablets,electronics & digital devices

    if broken, big box retailers may accept; take to Worcester city recycling center, check website for open times

    if working, donate to Community Thrift Store

    Electronic Waste electric items including small appliances, lamps, coffee pots - anything that plugs in

    if broken, take to Worcester city recycling center

    if working, donate to Clark Community Thrift Store

    Wireless and Digital devices cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, game consoles, chargers, other devices

    Recycling for Charities provides free shipping; donation benefits charity of your choice,

    or donate working items to Community Thrift Store

    Toner Cartridges

    Xerox brand

    Samsung brand

    HP brand from Flo-Tech (Clark's copier & Managed Print Services provider)

    Request shipping label.

    Request shipping label.

    free shipping label is inside new toner box; just re-use box with the label provided. No label? Call 800-213-1112

    Ink jet Cartridges from printers use pre-paid envelope available from Sustainable Clark, 793.7601
    CDs music, data, files, instructional, blank CD Recycling Center provides free shipping
    VHS tapes music, movies, blank√ā¬†Alternative Community Training (ACT); free shipping
    Tyvek Envelopes cannot rip them so cannot recycle them Tyvek will take back
    packing peanuts little bits of foam bring to the UPS Store, 210 Park Ave, Worcester


    bubble wrap plastic packaging bring to the UPS Store, 210 Park Ave, Worcester
    furniture, bulky goods Clark-owned office furniture submit an on-line Work Order to Facilities for removal
    furniture, bulky goods personally owned furniture, small items only please

    donate to Salvation Army, Savers or other local charity shop

    hazardous liquids paint, oil, solvent, glue, chemicals call Facilities Management 793-7566 to pick up


    large appliances

    cathode ray tube (CRT), console, projection, flat screen

    refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

    take to Worcester's Residential Recycling Drop Off Center; fee charged
    other items   MassRecycle

    Please keep recycling categories separate! This is important for the commodity value and to prevent flagged loads.

    Plastic, metal and glass do not go in 'Paper' recycling bins. Keep our Promises!

    Paper and cardboard do not go in 'Plastic/Metal/Glass' recycling bins. Keep our Promises!

    Unacceptable for Recycling at Clark University

    Please DO NOT put the items listed below into Clark University Recycling Bins! They are considered 'contamination' – if more than 10% of total contents is 'contaminated' an entire bin of perfectly good recycling turns into worthless trash. One wrong item can flag the entire load because it all gets put together! If in doubt, throw it out. All these go in a trash can and they are the only items that go in a trash can. There are surprisingly few!

    Unacceptable in 'Paper' Recycle Bin

    Used paper towels, used facial tissues, foil or plastic lined paper, shipping envelopes with bubble lining, sippy boxes, used paper coffee cups, greasy paper, food-encrusted paper, food itself. But!! You can compost soiled paper, wet coffee cups greasy/foody paper and all food!

    Unacceptable in 'Plastic/Metal/Glass' Recycle Bin

    Plastic bags such as chip bags, candy wrappers, plastic box liners; plastic wrap (Saran wrap), any soft plastic you can squish in one hand; containers with food or liquids in them, food itself, foam sheets, foam wrap, foam peanuts,styrofoam, broken glass, light bulbs, sharps (needles), CD's or other discs. Empty all containers!

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