Animal Use Policy

    As required by the Public Health Service (PHS), Clark University has established an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to insure humane care and use of live vertebrate animals involved in research and education activities. The current chair of IACUC is Associate Professor Philip Bergmann (x7553). Investigators whose projects use vertebrate animals, whether funded through external support or not, must undergo IACUC review. Animal Care and Use Protocols must be approved by the full IACUC prior to acquisition or use of any vertebrate animals. The committee normally meets in late April and late October to approve protocols, and amendments to existing protocols. To submit a new protocol or amend an existing protocol, please use the following forms:

    Each year, investigators must submit an annual report for each existing protocol, whether work was done using it or not. Annual reports are reviewed by the IACUC during the April meeting. To complete annual reports, please use the form:

    All personnel involved in the care and/or use of vertebrate animals must receive training in this area. Please contact Dr. Bergmann regarding training details.

    The procedure for reporting and investigating animal welfare concerns is available here:

    For additional information on Federal animal use policies, please consult the websites below:

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