Signage Policies

    The following are Clark University's policies regarding the naming of

    • all University buildings and grounds
    • identifiable portions of buildings/rooms
    • outdoor areas of the University campus

    The naming should advance Clark's reputation as well as increase public support for the University and its programs.

    Naming Convention for Departments

    It has been established that the department's name should appear before the word "Department." (See image on the right.) This allows the name of the department to be seen quickly, which is especially important for visitors driving on campus, it also saves space by not using the word "of," which is critical for departments with longer names.

    Parameters for Sign Design and Materials

    Clark University has set parameters for sign design and materials. Currently one manufacturer produces Clark's signs, ensuring all signs are consistent. If a building has a donor name attached to it, the donor name is in a shade lighter than the background of the sign, and the name of the department is in white, so that the department name stands out as the most readable part of the sign. (See right.)

    Exterior Signage

    Other exterior signs may include letters or plaques on buildings. Although a few style adjustments may be made across campus, depending on the age and style of a building, the goal is to maintain consistency.

    Exterior signs are produced and paid for out of a special fund on a priority basis, and as funds allow. Requests for exterior signs should be submitted to Lori Fearebay in Marketing and Communications.

    Interior Signage

    Interior signs are paid for by the department requesting the signs. The University's selected manufacturer will produce these signs, in order to keep consistency across campus. Contact Marketing and Communications for information on reaching the manufacturer or for more guidelines.


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