Sick Leave Donation Policy

    This policy is intended to be sensitive to the fact that employees may have extended conditions or re-occurring serious illnesses that may leave them without adequate sick leave. Employees may be allowed to donate a portion of their sick time to a fellow worker using the following guidelines:

    • The recipient of donated sick leave may receive a maximum total of 20 days per fiscal year from fellow employees, and must meet the following eligibility requirements: The recipient must-
      • Have worked a minimum of one year at Clark University;
      • have used up all of his/her own available earned sick leave;
      • have an extended illness or condition, which requires an absence of more than five workdays.
    • The donor of sick leave may donate a maximum of five days per individual recipient, per year, providing that the donor has a minimum of 20 days of earned sick leave remaining for his/her own use after the donation to the fellow employee(s).
    • All requests for sick leave donations must be sent in writing to the Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action for approval.


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