University Policies

The Clark University Policy Library serves as the central repository for University policies. This site contains many, but not all, of the official policies of the University. For purposes of the Clark University Policy Library, a University Policy typically:

  • has broad institutional application;
  • enhances the University's mission and provides operational efficiencies;
  • mandates action or constraints and establishes boundaries for conduct;
  • helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and reduces institutional risk;
  • changes infrequently and sets a course for the foreseeable future; and
  • requires approval at the highest administrative levels of the University.


The Clark University Policy Library is divided into eight categories, each of which holds related policies and procedures. Certain other official policies are also published in the Faculty Handbook, the Student Handbook (Synergy), the Handbook for Administrators and Staff, and the Academic Catalog.

  • Academic and Research - policies and procedures relating to the University's mission of teaching and research
  • Administrative and Financial Management - policies and procedures relating to general administrative or operational topics, including data security and data privacy, as well as accounting and financial management.
  • Employment, Benefits and Workplace - policies and procedures relating to recruitment, employment, conflict management, separations, and other employee concerns
  • Facilities, Equipment and Property - policies and procedures relating to use and management of university-owned or -operated structures, property, and energy.
  • Information Technology - policies and procedures relating to the management of IT networks, security, privacy, and responsible use of IT resources.
  • Institutional Identity and Communications - Policies and procedures related to Clark's visual identity, including the use of the University name and logo.
  • Safety and Risk Management - Policies relating to the protection of the University community members and its assets.
  • Student Services - policies and procedures relating to the management of student services, student affairs and student life.


Anyone wishing to include a University Policy into the Clark University Policy Library should email: