Information Technology Services

Class Shares

Class files shares, for course-related student data storage, are available to faculty who teach courses where students generate data and require a place to store the data during the course. Space is assigned to each student along with "modify" access granted on a per-student basis. Class file shares are considered temporary file shares and will be removed (deleting all content in the file share) 20 days after completion of the course.

The default amount of space provided is 1 GB total.

Click here to request a class share (login and fill out the form.)

For additionally registered students please contact help desk or your Academic Technologist. Do not fill out a new form.

How to Connect to Class Shares

Faculty and students can map a drive to a class share on domain computers, that is, computers in faculty or administrative offices, teaching clusters or computer labs. However, the most often used method by students is through an SFTP client.