Alpine Adventures Zipline Canopy Tour

Lincoln, NH

April 14th, 2012

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Ginny Ginny reports for duty as we arrive at the Alipine Adventures fun park for our Sky Rider Zip Line canopy tour. One look around and we knew Alpine Adventures was no ordinary place. Nestled in the White Mountains, it's the one-stop fun shop you'll never want to leave! But our mission was ziplining, and we wasted no time getting down to business.
Alpine Adventures Alpine Adventures Alpine Adventures
Gear and guides Inside, we got our gear and met our guides. The guides told us all the do's and don'ts... like do listen to what we tell you and don't get eaten by any bears.
Pinzgauer rounding a bend
After a short van ride to Barron Mountain, we rode the Pinzgauer up to ride up to the top of the zipline course. The Pinzgauer is a Swiss army transport vehicle that can go just about anywhere.

We bucked ourselves in and braced for a wild ride... our driver was just a little crazy!
Rear of pinzgauer
Line-up for first zip We get final instructions and line up for our first zip. This is when nervousness sets in and it all starts to get real for us!
Zip platform And here's the spot where nervousness turns to fright...
Zip lines at first platform ...and the spot where fright turns to terror!

None of the twelve of us had ever been on a zipline before. WE MUST BE CRAZY!
Ziplining But the adrenaline kicks in and in an instant we're off... and IT IS AWESOME! Suddenly we're all avid zip-line fans whizzing through the forest canopy. Just that one zip line alone made it worth the trip, but the best were yet to come.

See these stairs? They're actually a zipline launch pad. 'Tis a very long way down!
Zip line
launch pad

We take the plunge.

Parallel zipliners

Katie takes off on the Mo Bay zipline. At 1600 feet, it is the longest on the course. Divya is up next.
Greg on sky bridge White Knuckle Pine Greg crosses a sky bridge to the last zipline of the course, the White Knuckle Pine. With a plunge of 80 feet and top speed of 50mph, it was a favorite of ours.

Alex, Katie, and Ginny zip down White Knuckle Pine toward the shelter below. After the big descent we zipped back and forth on the line like a pendulum while gradually slowing down, and then climbing off in the middle onto a ladder.

Ginny Katie Alex
Group in front of van With a successful afternoon of ziplining under our belts, we gather for the van ride back to Alpine Adventures headquarters.
Divya, Aris, Katie, Ginny & Jill Back at Alpine Adventures, Divya, Aris, Katie, Ginny & Jill chill out on the front patio, reflecting upon the day's complete and total awesomeness!

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