World's End Reservation

Hingham, MA

February 4th, 2012

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World's End From the moment we set foot on World's End Reservation we were like eleven little kids in a brand new playground! It was pure thrill. We chose World's End for our hike because it is so beautiful in all seasons, even in the middle of our snow-less winter.
Olivia & Miranda at Damde Meadows. Our thrill began at a tidal salt marsh known as Damde Meadows, which Olivia and Miranda climb down to explore. They were so enthralled; we virtually had to pry them away when it was time to continue our hike.
Boulder While Olivia and Miranda were exploring the salt marsh, the rest of us climbed atop the huge boulder overlooking it.
Tom on boulder Tom at Rocky Neck Tom dismounts the boulder in fine form and then leads our group as we scramble along the Rocky Neck coastline.
Group at Rocky Neck We stop at a high point along Rocky Neck to enjoy the views.
Chau Greg Chau and Greg climb out onto some nice vantage points overlooking Hingham Bay.

Tasos, Therese, Gabe and Monika soak in the sun's rays while the ever inquisitive duo of Olivia and Miranda scour the tidal pools for empty shells and whatever else captivates their attention.

Tasos, Therese, Gabe, and Monika Olivia and Miranda
World's End remote tip After Rocky Neck, we explored the remote tip of the World's End peninsula before climbing atop Planters Hill to romp around in its open, grassy fields.
Boston skyline The beautiful Boston skyline view from Planters Hill made the climb all the more worth it.
Hull In the opposite direction, our view of Hull with Massachusetts Bay behind it wasn't too shabby either!
Group on Platers Hill Our whole group atop Planters Hill.
TEXT TEXT Chau does a mini puppet show with mittens on the Edwards Memorial. It was placed there in honor of Arthur Edwards, the last caretaker of World's End before it was acquired by The Trustees of Reservation in 1967.
TEXT Descending Planters Hill, we enjoy a final view looking west toward Hingham's Walton Cove before making our way back to the vans. On the drive home, we took with us fond memories of our picturesque Saturday afternoon getaway.

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